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Thankful for Wilderness Medicine

Our Favorite Places to #OptOutside

Wilderness Medicine and the Zombie Apocalypse

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How Backpacking Sparked a Love for Wilderness Medicine

Managing Risk Outdoors: Backcountry Wildfires

Spring Break 2020: Get Ready for Adventure

Continuing Your Wilderness Medicine Education at the WRMC

A Rural Surprise: Utah Officials Support National Parks

3 Mottos I Learned From My AMGA Ski Guide Training

Learning to Say “Thank You:” The path to building community while climbing

Business Undergrads Look to Wilderness Expeditions for Leadership Training

Wilderness First Aid: 5 Steps of a Scene Size-up

ABCs of Wilderness Medicine: The Initial Assessment

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Start Dreaming: Summer 2020 Expeditions Now Online

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My Path to Outdoor Education from a Semester in Alaska

Why We Leave Phones Behind on NOLS Courses (and why you should do it more often)

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I Don't Need to Be an Extrovert to Lead: Reflections on Backpacking in Alaska

Case Study: Treating a Feverish Patient

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There and Back Again, a Patagonia Tale: The Patagonia Cultural Expedition

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USNA Midshipman Turned NOLS Instructor

Case Study: Bucked off a Horse

5 Things I Learned from Going on a Paddling Expedition with My Spouse

Finding What Makes Others Tick on a Baja Semester

12 Days That Changed My Life: A Homestay in East Africa

Inside Whitewater Expeditions in the Rockies

Case Study: An Abandoned Patient High in the Alpine

Dream with Your Eyes Open: Women's Baja Sea Kayaking Expedition

Turnback Canyon: A NOLS Instructor Shares Lessons from Whitewater Paddling the Alsek River

The Spring Lineup: 5 Custom NOLS Products You Have to Have

Instructor Expeditions of 2018

Why You Should Take a Wilderness First Aid Course

Brave, Not Perfect

Case Study: A Blow to the Head

"There Is No Limit:" A Kenyan Mountain Guide Advances Her Wilderness Training

9 Wilderness Medicine Acronyms You Need to Know

Discovering My—Slightly Strange—New Normal on a NOLS Gap Year

Consultation with NOLS Risk Services: A 5-Step Risk Management Review

Learning Expedition Behavior With Kids: Winter Edition

Andrew Bobilya: Taking the Classroom Outdoors

Case Study: A Backcountry First Aid Mystery from the ’80s

Everything You Need to Know About Winter Camping

The Places that Scare You: First Ascents on Patagonia’s Northern Icefield

Case Study: Is That Frostbite?

My Semester in Baja, as Told in Food and Sunsets [photo essay]

A New Map: A NOLS Grad’s Journey to Walking Again

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Your 8 Favorite Wilderness Medicine Posts of 2018

Leading in the Avalanche Safety and Education Industry

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New Perspectives on Risk Management: WRMC 2018

Do NOLS Even (and Especially) If You’re Scared

NOLS President John Gans Announces Retirement

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How to Take the Mountains Home: A Gateway Scholar Reflects on Horsepacking

Sketches from Tanzania

Case Study: A Hard Fall While Skiing

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How Valuing Different Leadership Roles Makes Better Teams

Real-life Scenario: A Surfing Rescue in Baja California

Why I Left School for a NOLS Semester

Case Study: Is Hydration Always the Answer?

Simple Views Teach Profound Lessons: Sunrise in the Himalaya

Quiz: Sprains, Strains, and Athletic Injuries

Why Car Camping With Kids Was Harder Than My NOLS Course

What You Learn on a NOLS Semester

Research Connects Wilderness Experience with Stronger Problem-solving Skills

Gender-inclusive Communication for First Responders

How to Make Cinnamon Rolls when You’re Camping

Case Study: Finding a Sick Person High in the Mountains

How Climate Change Might Impact Your Next Backpacking Trip

Quiz: Managing Altitude Illness

Tolerance for Uncertainty: Sea, Mountains, and Culture on a Patagonia Semester

NOLS and the Wilderness Risk Management Conference: 25 Years of Facing Challenges Together

7 Fishing First Aid Hazards (and What to Do)

The Top 3 Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in an Office or Classroom

Pay It Forward: How My NOLS Semester Helped Me Lead My Own Backcountry Trips

Case Study: A Hot Day Becomes a First Aid Situation

Snow in May: Leadership in the Face of Uncertainty

Quiz: Treating Heat Illness and Dehydration

Learning a Non-Linear Leadership Style from Sea Kayaking

Stay or Go? Making Evacuation Decisions [Infographic]

NOLS Instructor Expeditions of 2017

Snakebites: Myth vs. Reality

Shock: What Causes It and What To Do

What I Learned About Resilience from Swimming an Icy Canyon Pond

How to Pack Your Backpack

Opinion | Breaking the Habits of Technology

New Courses for Fall 2018

Lessons from the Alpine Pass: Columbia Business School Student Goes to Chile

Quiz: Bites and Envenomation

5 Ways Expedition Behavior Helps You Raise Kids

Patient Assessment: Visualizing the Head-to-Toe Exam

Case Study: Hiking through a Thunderstorm

Climbing for More Than the Summit

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: Why I Went Back to NOLS

Quiz: Handling Burns in the Outdoors

Why Students Who Learn Leadership Stand Out

Using Your Wilderness Medicine Skills to Treat Pets

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Take a NOLS Course

What to Do When You Hook Yourself: Removing a Fishhook

4 Strategies Leaders Use to Make Better Decisions

Case Study: What to Do about Snakebites

Quiz: First Aid for Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Teeth

Lessons from Escalante's Desert Canyons

Lynn Hill on Mitigating Risk with Wilderness Medicine

Sea Kayaking the Great Bear Rainforest

New Courses for Summer 2018

Case Study: Falling Through the Ice

Learning the Meaning of Teamwork in the Wilderness

Quiz: Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

Up Mountains and Down Rivers: Packrafting at NOLS

Carbon Reporting at an Outdoor Nonprofit

6 Reasons Why You Should Take A WEMT Course (And Tips for How to Prepare)

Creating a Diverse Community of Risk Managers

Easing Back Into Your Frontcountry Life

Your Favorite Stories from 2017

From the Office to the Wild: How I Became a Naturalist

Leaving a Legacy: Learning and Leading Risk Management Collaboration and Dialogue in Seoul

Case Study: How to Manage Frostbite

55 and Climbing

7 Jobs You Can Get with a Wilderness Medicine Certification

Enhancing Student Experience and Inclusion through Risk Management

Transform Your Backcountry Cooking with the New NOLS Cookery

A Letter to My Future Self

Embracing Acceptable Risk in the Non-Traditional Classroom: Marin Academy & the WRMC

Q&A with a NOLS Parent

Quiz: Winter Injury and Illness

Black Wolf Expedition: First Descent Packrafting in the Canadian North

Camping Recipe: Biscuits [Video]

Kids on Outdoor Trips: First Aid Recommendations

The Poetry of Experience

Responding to Hurricane Harvey with Wilderness First Aid Skills

Climbing Denali, in Photos

Case Study: BASE Jumping Accident

Learning a Helping Mindset While Camping

Find Your Next Adventure in the City

9 Hygiene Tips for Your Camp Kitchen

Camping Recipe: No-Bake Energy Nuggets

Learn Your Habits to Make Better Decisions

Make Your Gear Have Multiple Purposes

The Alaskan Tundra Jumpstarts New Adventures

Camping Recipe: Potato Pancakes

How to Create a High-Functioning Team in the Outdoors

How to Fix Your Outdoor Gear

6 Lessons I Did Not Expect to Learn from NOLS

Instant Camping Recipe: Geikie Curried Rice

New Courses for Winter and Spring 2018

Teaching Leadership Through Storytelling on Wilderness Expeditions

The Art of a Good Re-Ration Care Package

Make Your Camping Gear Last Longer

5 Things to Check in Your First Aid Kit

Leveling Up: From the Operating Room to the Backcountry

How to Choose a Camera for Camping (That’s not your phone)

Growing Confidence through Solo Canoeing

When You Should Wear Cotton in the Outdoors

Rhode Island: The Final Frontier

Prepare for the Unexpected with a Solid Trip Plan

Reaffirming Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Tolerance for Adversity and Uncertainty in the Southern Andes

How to Hunker in Your Tent Without Getting Bored

A First Responder Changes the Conversation about Mental Health

The 5 Components of Psychological First Aid

Improve Your Appetite for Uncertainty

Rescue at Goblin Valley State Park

Camping Recipe: No-Bake Powerhouse Cookies

Prevent Minor Trail Injuries with Advice from NOLS Staff

Educator Expedition: Family Time Rafting on the Middle Fork

Get Off the Grid for a Gap Year

New Courses for Fall 2017

It Takes a Village: WFRs Come Together in the Linville Gorge Wilderness

Expedition to Pluto: The New NOLS Course

How to Make Your Routine Leave No Trace

Make Leadership the Focus of Your Gap Year

Camping Recipe: 30-Minute Cornbread

4 Ways You Can Always Be Learning

3 Ideas to Feed Your Inner Wild

Camping Recipe: 4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Truffles

10 Useful Wilderness Medicine Posts To Read Before Your Next Adventure

Tolerance for Uncertainty & Adversity

New Courses for Summer 2017

When Your Teammate Becomes Your Patient: My First Aid Training in Action

Looking Within, Stepping Forward

Our 10 Favorite Books about Leadership by Women

How to Connect Leave No Trace to Your Daily Life

My Trials and Triumphs Mountaineering in the Himalaya

The Big Picture: How I Found My Grit on a Semester in Baja

Vulnerabilities into Empowerment: What Alaska Meant to Me

Debunking 5 Myths about Gear

Instructor Expedition: A Grand Canyon Trip with Friends

What to Do If You Get Sick While Camping

Building and Rebuilding: What I Learned on an Alumni Service Trip

Getting Ready: Mental and Physical Prep for My Gap Year

7 Ways to Make Coffee While Camping

Enjoying the Tiny Life

On the Creation of Bears Ears National Monument

How To Keep Your Feet Warm

Potential Energy

An Astronaut Candidate’s Take on Goals and Leadership

How Can I Support You? The Power of Expedition Behavior

Preparing for a Miracle: WFR Training in Family Emergencies

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: The NOLS Logo

Climbing Higher: The New NOLS Look

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Just Go for It: Making Gap Year a Reality

22 Ways You Know You’re a NOLSie

A Night in Norway: Why I’m Thankful for My NOLS Wilderness Medicine Field Guide

Pursuing a Passion: Choosing an Outdoor Gap Year

Real Life Scenario: Helicopter Evacuation on the Bailey Range Traverse

Reflecting on the 2016 Wilderness Risk Management Conference

Blood, Sweat, and Cheese: An Epic Adventure

5 Gap Year Tips from the Wilderness

First Aid Kit Advice for River Travel

No Barriers for the WRMC

Busting Popular Leave No Trace Myths

NOLS Historian: Just Close Enough

I Crave the Quietness: What a City Dweller Learned from Two Weeks in the Wilderness

Highlights from the 2016 NOLS Wilderness Medicine Staff Meeting

10 Things That Will Happen to You in the Backcountry

Big Agnes Co-Owner Len Zanni: Finding His Way in the Outdoor Industry

Any Year Can Be a Gap Year

ASL-Supported Course Fosters Inclusive Diversity and Growth

Growing Your Comfort Zone in the Wilderness

How to Create an Eye-Catching Resume by Talking about Your NOLS Course

Intro to Federal Public Lands in the U.S.

Real Life Scenario: A Rescue at Ellison's Cave

My Playground, My Dad, My Leadership Voice

5 Things You Learn from Climbing (That Also Matter in Real Life)

3 Months in the Rockies to 30 Countries in a Year: How a NOLS Alum Went Worldwide

Why Wildlands Studies Attends the Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC)

Which Wilderness Medicine Course Is Right for You? [Infographic]

3 Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Photography Game

Bee Prepared: WFR Training Applied in Real Life

Gado-Gado Spaghetti: A Classic NOLS Recipe

Why Inclusive Conservation Crews Attend the WRMC

6 Secret Ingredients to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

6 Reasons Wilderness First Aid Is for Everyone

Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph on Leadership and How to Learn It

Test Your Medical Skills: Scenario Near Yellowstone Park

The Woods Project and the WRMC

Why City People Are Made for the Backcountry

Educator Expedition: Assistant Overnight Guide Course - Learning the Ways of the Ocean

11 Essentials to Complete Your Backcountry Kitchen

Why Yellowstone and Other Parks Come to the WRMC

Educator Expedition: Paddling at the South Pacific Sea Kayak Symposium

7 Materials That Can Be Used To Improvise a Splint

Educator Expedition: A Day in the Waddington Range

Why Conservation Crews Benefit from the WRMC

The Backpacker’s Guide to Happy Feet

Reasons to Take a Longer Trip

7 Simple Items to Upgrade Your Backcountry Setup

Tips for Visiting 12 Iconic National Parks

When Urban Environments Go Wild: Wilderness Medicine in the Aftermath of Disaster

10 Junk Foods to Indulge in after Your Expedition

10 Ways to Celebrate While in the Backcountry

7 Musical Instruments to Take Backpacking

13 Signs You’re Having Trouble Getting Back into City Life

Putting Leadership into Practice: AmeriCorps and NOLS

To Drink or Not to Drink?

Ready for the Challenge: How I Became a Wilderness EMT

Backcountry Chilling Over Oil Drilling [Book Review]

How I Became a NOLS Nerd

Beyond Limits and Proud: LGBT & NOLS Wilderness Medicine Experience

Thanking the Wilderness for Letting Me In

27 Considerations for a Wilderness First Aid Kit

Confessions from the Wilderness [Interview]

DIY Composting

Thriving as Women Boaters on the Main Salmon River

It's Getting Hot in Here: The Ps and Qs of Heat Illness

NOLS Courses Are So Much Pun!

Ugly Boxes Doing Beautiful Things: How You Can Do Sustainability

Quantifying the Unquantifiable: What I Learned after a Week in the Wilderness with the Archer School for Girls

Self-Care in the Backcountry: Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore

How to Keep an Epic Expedition Journal

Educator Expedition: La Patagonia Desconocida - The Unknown Patagonia

The Ethics of Cheap: Why You Don't Need the Newest Gear

Educator Expedition: Winter Exploring

How You Can Be More Sustainable Every Day

How to Make Your Own Instant Backpacking Meals

Keep Calm and Medic On: How a WEMT Course Can Transform Your Backcountry Experience

Celebrating Earth Week at NOLS

Smart Ways to Protect Yourself from the Sun

Educator Training: AIARE Avalanche 1 Course

21 Quotes Guaranteed to Make You Crave the Outdoors

NOLS in Solidarity with the Bomberos of Honduras

Leadership Reads for Housebound Adventurers

Recording Herding Songs of the Mongolian Steppe

7 Tips for Dealing with Smelly Gear

Scott Briscoe on NOLS: It’s a Game Changer [Interview]

Why I Moved 1,600 Miles to Intern at NOLS

Educator Expedition: Golden Gate Sea Kayaking

WMI Employee to Wilderness First Responder

How to Choose Wildness Every Day

Go Camping—With Your Cat

Educator Expedition: Kiwi Boot Camp

Let the Mountains Teach Us—To Fail

The Adventure Rolls On: Thriving through Adversity with Eric Thompson

5 Steps to Plan a Camping Menu

Where Should You Take Your Gap Year? [Quiz]

Daily Gratitude: NOLS in the Frontcountry

Educator Expedition: Multi-pitch Climbing in Red Rocks

5 Strategies to Survive Mud Season

Educator Expedition: Avalanche Training in the Tetons

12 Photos to Get You Excited for Spring

Risk Management in the Outdoors: Beyond the NOLS Course

What Organizations Should Know about Risk Management

15 Signs You've Taken a Wilderness Medicine Course

3 Steps to Successful Conflict Management

Educator Expedition: Skiing Alaska’s Thompson Pass

9 Tips to Help You Deal with Homesickness

How the Wilderness Lets Us Be Our Best Selves [Q&A]

Debunking Myths: What Should You Do If Someone has Hypothermia?

How NOLS Ruined the Old Me

How to Plan for Your Gap Year

The NOLS Underground: Caving

Expedition Denali: Where Are They Now?

Come Meet Our 108-Year-Old Founder

What to Know Before You Go: Common Pre-Course Questions

A Leader and Parent Reflects on Her Brooks Range Course

Educator Expedition: A Multimodal Loop in Texas Big Bend Country

Why You Should Get Outside for Your Gap Year

Love at NOLS, A Valentine’s Day Story

5 Ways to Use Vision and Action to Get Stuff Done

Meeting the Real Horses of NOLS Rocky Mountain: Wilderness Horsepacking

How to Make Pizza When You're Camping

6 Ways to Get Ready for Your Next Expedition Now

Fitness Guidelines to Get Expedition-Ready

Games to Stay Entertained in Camp

Competence and Leadership: Making a Good Cup of Cocoa

NOLS: Touching the Untouched

4 Classic NOLS Desserts

Educator Expedition: Washington Climbing, Back to Where It Began 

30 Days to Survival: The Documentary That Put NOLS in the Spotlight

Using Wilderness Medicine Training as a Recipe for Decision-Making

Why My Semester Group Thrived

Do Hot Drinks Really Warm You Up?

9 Ways to Create a Happy Workplace: Expedition Behavior

Educator Expedition: A November Trip to Red Rocks

6 Oatmeal Recipes Worth Getting Out of Your Sleeping Bag For

Educator Expedition: Mountaineering in Ecuador

Do You Know Your Winter Leave No Trace?

Your Favorite Posts of 2015

NOLSie New Year's Resolutions

Reasons We Love Hot Drinks

Our Favorite Winter Photos

6 Ways to Practice Good Self-care This Holiday Season

4 Ways You Can Get Cold (And How Not To)

11 Ways to Get Outside This Winter

Educator Expedition: Horsepacking through the Gros Ventre and Wind River Mountains of Wyoming

Future Outdoor Leaders Grow Using AmeriCorps Awards

The Backcountry Cookie Recipe You Can Take Anywhere

How to Prevent Frostbite

How NOLS Made Me a Better Restaurant Manager: The Northstar Cafe Story

Why Getting Outside Is Good for Students

12 Gifts to Give Your Favorite NOLSie

Himalayan Awakening: How NOLS Inspired My Pursuit of Mountaineering

Capturing Alaska, One Photo at a Time

Educator Expedition: Climbing and Bike Touring in the Northwest

How to Sleep Warm Outside This Winter

Educating the Educators: Instructor Development with the American Canoe Association

No Borders in the Backcountry

10 Ways to #OptOutside on Black Friday

A Second Family: My Home Stay in Patagonia

Why I Used the GI Bill for NOLS

The Alps vs. American Wilderness [Interview with Curtis Bartosik, Part 2]

How an Outdoor Enthusiast Managed Two Decades in the City [Interview with Curtis Bartosik, Part 1]

5 Incredibly Useful Backcountry Baking Techniques

The Best Times to Eat When You're Camping

The Wilderness Act: "Leaving a Glimpse of the World as It Was"

Writing and Trekking: One Woman’s Mission to Walk from Chile to Alaska

Ways to Celebrate Halloween in the Backcountry

The Engineer’s Return in the Yukon: Part Two

Wilderness First Responder, in Cartoons

The Engineer’s Return in the Yukon: Part One

Who Needs a Hat? A Lesson from My Australian Adventure

How to Keep Your Feet Happy on the Trail

Preparing for the Unexpected: Wilderness Risk Management Conference 2015

What's in the Wilderness?

5 Things You Already Do That Make You a Female Outdoor Leader

Why Outdoorsy People Make the Best Co-workers

History Comes Alive for the 10th Mountain Division

Anniversary Amble Athletes Abound

Waking Up in the Wilderness

Look Good, Feel Good: How Gear Has Evolved over the Past 50 Years [Infographic]

5 Things Not to Miss at NOLS’ 50th Anniversary Party

The NOLS Guide to Fall Clothing

Who Moved My Wag Bag?!

Fellowships at NOLS Create Pathways to Outdoor Careers

Public Lands We Love to Love

Highlights from the 2015 Wilderness Medicine Institute Staff Meeting

5 Tips for Planning a Great Backpacking Route

3 Delicious Breakfast Spreads [Video]

How NOLS Can Get You into College

Remote and Unyielding

Educator Expedition: Whitewater Challenges in Peru

Do You Know These Tips to Spice Up Your Backcountry Cooking?

5 Cool Things You Learn From Sailing

Terrifying and Beautiful

The Story of Gear: Reuse as an Ethic and Necessity at NOLS

Treating Burns in the Backcountry

Summer Search and the WRMC

Teaching "NOLS and Nature Stuff" in Vietnam

There and Back Again: An Intern's Tale

Six Reasons to Love the Southwest

How to Stay Dry in the Rain

Why Go?

Wilderness: What National Parks Are For

Hot Tang or Hot Chocolate? The NOLS Experience in 1965 and Today

What To Do When You Sprain Your Ankle in the Wilderness [Video]

Leadership Expedition Prepares Local Students for Success

NOLS’ Pip Coe Named a Wyoming Woman of Influence

I Belong in the Woods: Spring Semester in New Zealand

Working to Keep Wyoming Streams Held to Higher Standards

How to Get a Job in the Outdoor Industry

New NASA Mission Features Crew of NOLS Grads

Backcountry Granola Recipe

Leadership in Action: Small Business Owner at Age 15

Preventing and Treating Heat Illness

Partnerships Make NOLS Scholarships Possible

Living History in a New-Old Home

Test Your Backcountry Lightning Knowledge [Quiz]

5 Backcountry Food Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Does the Lightning Position Really Keep You Safe in a Storm?

What To Do When You’re Lost in the Woods

Slowing Down in the Absarokas

Tips for Efficient—and Tasty—Backcountry Meals

6 Tips for Planning a U.S. National Park Road Trip

SUWS of the Carolinas and the WRMC

Keeping Racers "Cowboy Tough" for Four Days

4 Gear Tips for Lightweight Backpacking

7 Ways to Use Mindfulness in Problem Solving

How to Prevent and Manage Tick Bites [Infographic]

Take Your Cooking Outdoors: Interview with Expedition Chef Mary Brent Galyean

How to Prevent and Treat Blisters [Video]

Use These 3 Strategies to Empower Student Learning

Four-Day Adventure Race? Let’s Go!

4 Unusual Ingredients to Enhance Any Backcountry Recipe

Broadreach and the WRMC

International Climbers' Festival 2015

Ascent to the White House [Interview]

Trash Stinks: Backcountry Waste Disposal

Case Study: Anxiety or Cardiac Episode?

Educator Expedition: Entry Point to Mountaineering

What I Learned from My Child’s Gap Year [Interview]

Basic Nutrition for Backpacking

Happy Fourth of July!

Creating Family Time—with Llamas

Pathfinding on an Outdoor Semester

Digging Deep: Thoughts on NOLS and Nature

Hydration Tips for Camping

Which NOLS Course Are You? [Quiz]

The Mountain that Was Almost a Cloud

Right Place, Right Time, Right Education

Snakebites: Here's What to Do [Video]

Gap Year: An Incredible Opportunity

Ready for the Unknown in Hawaii

How to Give Effective Feedback to Land Managers

Educator Expedition: "Plan B" Rock Climbing in Red Rocks

6 Odd Things to Bring to the Backcountry

Peter Metcalf: NOLS Impressions

Beyond My City Life: Horsepacking in the Rockies

Peter Metcalf: NOLS Impressions

Peter Metcalf: Living Big

Peter Metcalf: The Dawn

Announcing 50 Years Since First NOLS Course

Four Key Leadership Roles

7 Great Activities for National Trails Day

From the Sears Tower to the Adirondack Mountains

The Backpack: Home Away from Home

Educator Expedition: Skills to Paddle the Great Blue Sea

Educator Expedition: Cutting Edge Avalanche Training

Exploring Alaska's Brooks Range with My Camera

From A Gap Year to Yahoo! Sustainability

Prevention and Self-Awareness: Medicine and Leadership Intertwine

Educator Expedition: Reading the Rapids on the Colorado River [Video]

Joint Perspective: International Educator and NOLS Parent on 21st Century Education

Weathering Storms and Riding Waves: Interview with Jim Acee (Part 2)

Weathering Storms and Riding Waves: Interview with Jim Acee (Part 1)

New Film Features American Icon: Sage-Grouse

To Thaw or Not to Thaw

Nepali Medics Perform in the Face of Disaster

Adapting to Mother Nature: Interview with an AmeriCorps & NOLS Alum

Wyoming Legislators Congratulate NOLS

My Alaska

Take a Ride! It's Bike to Work Week

Valor Award Winner Adam Baxter: WMI Instructor, NPS Climbing Ranger, and WEMT

Future Global Leaders Thrive at NOLS Rocky Mountain

NOLS Students Unaffected by May 12, 2015 Earthquake

New Frontiers: From the Netherlands to Alaska

Educator Expedition: Focusing on the Soft Skills

Taking "An American Ascent" to Middlebury [Trailer]

Inspiring Inclusion Through Sharing Our Cultural Stories: José González at NOLS Faculty Summit

Spring Break in a Tent: The Patagonia Leadership Trek

Beyond the Ration: Sustainable Food at NOLS

Injuries Know No Borders: the Significance of Wilderness Medicine in Europe

Educator Expedition: The Good Life, Eleven Days on the Bugaboos–Rogers Pass Ski Traverse

Why I Used My AmeriCorps Award for NOLS

Get Outside! 4th Grade Outdoor Education Day

Is Urine Sterile? And Other Questions About Using Pee in First Aid

Microadventures: A Way of Life

Smart Water Practices in the Southwest

Educator Expedition: How to Encourage Student-driven Instruction

NOLS Students Unaffected by April 25, 2015 Earthquake

Two People in a Sleeping Bag

Springtime Excitement in the West Wing

Earth Day: Living Sustainably at NOLS India

The Value of Hot Sauce: Thoughts from a Backpacking Course

First Aid Training Empowers Inclusive Outdoor Experiences

Our Guide to National Park Week 2015

NOLS Icon: Andy Carson on Instructing in the Early Days

Handwashing, Giardia and Old Tales

NOLS Mourns Loss of Iconic Instructors

Take the Challenge: 2015 WY Outside Challenge

Sneak Peek: New Wilderness Educator Notebook

The Alps Don’t Have Everything: My Decision to Take an Outdoor Educator Course

Are You Hypothermic, Or Just Cold and Grouchy?

NOLS Icon: Nancy Pallister, Building Leaders with Grit in the Winds

Educator Expedition: Rolling through the Rapids, Whitewater in Brazil

Educator Expedition: Rock Skills, Rappelling, and Revelry in Joshua Tree

Backyard Experiment: Armpits and Frozen Autoinjectors

Catching Up with Mills on 'The Adventure Gap' Tour

Green Gear Initiative

Mark Jenkins Tour Stops in Lander

Brooks Range Prayer

Happy Birthday, NOLS Patagonia!

3 Things that Drive Me Nuts in Wilderness Medicine Education

Educator Expedition: New Zealand Whitewater

Backcountry Decision-making

Educator Expedition: Tackling Mexico's Highest Mountain

Austin Alumni Reconnect Through Service

NOLS Gap Year: College Prep Course

Origins of Wilderness Medicine Programs

Berkshire School Slays Powder in the Tetons

Educator Expedition: Growing in the Desert

Team 2020: Leaders in Sustainability

Wyss Campus Acquires More LEED Certifications

Supporting NOLS through Solar Time

The Original NOLS Instructor: Tap Tapley

'Do What You Like. Like What You Do.'

A Colorful Partnership: NOLS Grad Teams up with Harry's

CNG Truck at NOLS

Educator Expedition: South Avellano Tower

Enter to Win a Free NOLS Course

DEQ Aims to Downgrade Essential Streams in Wyoming

Wyoming Legislature Angles to Annex Federal Lands

'An American Ascent' Earns Best Picture, Best Director

Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management in NOLS Patagonia

The Governor's Task Force on Forests

Educator Expedition: Cape Town Sailing

Año Nuevo in Patagonia

Wyoming Youth Outdoor Bill of Rights

Patagonia Year 2014 Service Project

Life on the Borders

Honoring a Shared Legacy

NOLS Grad Nominated for 2015 Adventurer of the Year Award

Facility Efficiency Improvements at NOLS Pacific Northwest

Educator Expedition: Paddle Sport Coaching

Win a Free NOLS Course in San Diego

NOLS New Zealand is open

Educator Expedition: The Gales Storm Gathering

Enter to Win a Free NOLS Course

WMI Soap Note App Launches

Patagonia Year stories

NOLS, REI proud to sponsor Latino Outdoors WFA

Join Us at the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show

Educator Expedition: Advanced Rock Guiding Course

Educator Expedition: San Juan and Gulf Island Keelboat Sailing

Creating a Climate of Thanks

NOLS Southwest Celebrates Wilderness

Astronaut Reid Wiseman on Expedition Behavior

No Windpants Here

What Wilderness Means to Us

NOLS Thanks In-Town Staff

What Wilderness Means to Us

What Wilderness Means to Us

What Wilderness Means to Us

RM Interns Organize Community Garden Cleanup

Take Care of Things: Goodbye Alfred

Introducing the First Annual NOLS Exploration Film Tour

Join Us at the Dallas Travel and Adventure Show

Voice of America Visits NOLS to Profile YALI Fellow

Cutting Out Boxes

WMI Hosts Annual Staff Meeting

Teton Valley Ranch Camp and the WRMC

Exploration Film Tour Celebrates the Spirit of Adventure

Lander Valley High School and NOLS team up for incoming freshmen orientation

City Kids Wilderness Project and the WRMC

Montana Conservation Corps & the WRMC

Thoughts From the Field: Rediscovering My Calling

In-Town Staff Value Out-of-Office Play

Fremont the Backpack

Thanks for the Experience

EPI and the WRMC

That's Not the NOLS Bus!

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Sustainable Roads Meetings!

This World and That (Part Three)

REI and the WRMC

A Thorn In My Side for 39 Years (Part Two)

This World and That (Part Two)

Cowboy Tough Race: Team Wind River Country is On the Course!

This World and That (Part One)

Rocky Mountain Power Foundation Supports NOLS Scholarships

Colorado Mountain Club and the WRMC

She's Cowboy Tough

A Thorn In My Side for 39 Years (Part One)

NOLS Instructor Talks Leave No Trace Practices and Perspectives

Introduction to the new NOLS Yukon

'An American Ascent' Screened Before a Sold-Out Audience

NOLS Supports Cowboy Tough Adventure Race In its Second Year

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Sustainable Roads

NOLS’ New Lightning Field Book Stresses Risk Management

Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation!

Get to Know NOLS Southwest

Not Just a Building in Town

Indigenous Voices Speaking Out for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

Stewarding the Mt. Baker area

Get to Know NOLS Amazon

The Journeys School Journeys to Wyss Campus

Get to Know NOLS Mexico

NOLS Amazon Personal Experience, Part 2

‘Invest Everything in the Quality of Your Teaching’

Pushroot Garden Earth Day a Success!

Welcome, NOLS Fellows!

In Their Words: NOLS New Zealand

Get to Know NOLS New Zealand

Are You Ready to Lead in the Outdoors?

Third Grade Stewards Reseed Sinks Canyon!

Earth Day Celebration at Pushroot Community Garden

Get to Know NOLS Rocky Mountain

NOLS at the LEED Platinum celebration in Billings, Montana!

Run the Red Trail Half Marathon

Triple Platinum

NOLS Invited to D.C. to Support Recreation Enhancement Act

Get to Know NOLS Australia

Climate Change and the Ocean of the Northwest

NOLS Hosts Wilderness 50th Photo Contest at Faculty Summit

Get to Know NOLS Pacific Northwest

Glaciers, Climate Change, and the National Park System

Gannett Peak third graders recycle with NOLS

Radio Stars: NOLS Southwest Course

The NOLS Marketing Internship: Playing Outdoors Is Part of the Job!

Get to Know NOLS Scandinavia

NOLS Pacific Northwest Soaks Up the Sun

NOLS Amazon Students Reflections, Part 1

Leadership in the Wilderness: The First Darden/NOLS Course

Wyoming and Utah Vying for Control of Federal Lands

WMI Works to Reduce Paper Usage

Get to Know NOLS Alaska

Congratulations to our Olympian!

Help Us Name the Expedition Denali Film!


First National Forest Releases New Management Plan

Expedition Denali Wins Outdoor Inspiration Award

New Robertson Scholars Leadership Expedition Video

Imagine your 2014 summer

Backcountry Film Festival

Campaign NOLS: Explaining Our Core Values, Part 6

Going Platinum

Winter 2013/2014 Has begun at NOLS Teton Valley

The 12 Days of NOLS

NOLS' Newest Book is a Perfect Holiday Gift: Canoeing

Youth Leadership Conference - North Cascades Institute

NOLS 2013 Stewardship Award goes to Myron Jeffs of the BLM Henry Mountain Field Office

Taking Stock of the Government Shutdown

The Joy of Backcountry Cooking: Lessons from Sinks Canyon Test-Kitchen

Leemon receives Wilderness Risk Management Award

Stepping Out of the Classroom: Diversity & Inclusion at NOLS Rocky Mountain

Campaign NOLS: Explaining Our Core Values, Part 5

Wilderness medicine in South America and Africa: Dispatch from WMI Instructor, Mike Moxness

NOLS HQ Starting to Create Solar Power

NOLS Amazon Tree Ascension Program

Cycling and board meetings

Clean up this weekend … anywhere!

Water World - Lynn Petzold's 9 Favorite Backcountry Locales

'An amazing experience'

Sharing a Love for the Outdoors: Debi and Scott Flora

Drumroll, please ...

Back to School We Go!

NOLS Rocky Mountain makes ‘back to school’ more fun

Former NOLS Chair honored

Best Place to Work ... Still

NOLS' Own Marco Johnson Gets More Than He Gives

NOLS Rocky Mountain interns invite you to community event

Pacific Northwest North Coast & Cascades Science Learning Network: Glaciers!

Team WYO's Katie Everson reflects on Cowboy Tough Race

WRMC to Host the Acclaimed Author, Laurence Gonzales

Two NOLS Employees prove to be "Cowboy Tough"

NOLS to Play Major Roles at Cowboy Tough Adventure Race

NOLS at the International Climbers' Festival

Campaign NOLS: Explaining Our Core Values, Part 4

NOLS featured in the Journal of Sustainability Education

Team Wyo, NOLS, and Cowboy Tough

In the news: Tolerance for adversity

Old North State Visits NOLS Rocky Mountain

Justine Frantz: Scholarship Student Steps Up

NOLS Pacific Northwest hosts Board of Directors + Trustees

Backpacks, Fake Blood and Femur Fractures: Wilderness First Responder Course

NOLS Rocky Mountain & the Fort Washakie Boys & Girls Club

Community Relief Medic Course

NOLS gets Cowboy Tough

Hang Thao: Discovering His Full Potential

NOLS SW Celebrates Earth Day

The Wonder Wedge: Inventing for a Cause

Robby Rechord: An Inspiration and a Role Model

Natural Gas Project Cancelled in Australia

Earth Day Cold Frame Box Workshop at Pushroot Community Garden!

Taking a STEP in the Right Direction

Sally Jewell: the Right Choice for Outdoor Recreation in Wyoming

Sierra Nevada College Students Go Deep… Into the Canyons

Expedition Denali Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Feature Film

National Park Service Sets Its Sights On A Big GOAL

Campaign NOLS: Explaining Our Core Values, Part 3

Have You Seen This Man(nequin)?

PR & Marketing Intern Gets a Breath of Fresh Air

Watch the Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus video

Risk Management Training: Kick Your RM Practices into Tip-Top Shape

Sequester Impacts National Park Service

City Girl Loves Life in the Wilderness

Final Draft of Lander BLM Resource Management Plan Released

Expedition Denali stories inspire in Lander and beyond

Cornell Cultivates Leadership, Elementally

NOLS Parent Sally Jewell Nominated for Secretary of Interior

Columbia Business School Students Tackle Patagonia

NOLS Rocky Mountain Gets Examined for Energy Efficiency

Congratulations, Liza!

An enduring purpose: A statement from NOLS and Norm Plotkin

Chapul Bars: Feed the Revolution

Tourism Groups Fight Mineral Development in Yukon’s Peel Watershed

Camp Dudley Takes It West

Utah BLM Sued Over Natural Gas Project

Vivacious Young Woman to Conquer Denali

NOLS Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus project wins award!

Officials Give Alaska Dam Project Another Look

5th Edition of Wilderness Medicine to Hit Shelves

NOLS SW Staff at BEYOND Tucson

Grace Anderson: Diversity and Inclusion Fellow

Controversy Continues Around Brazil Dam Project

Lease Buyout Spares Hoback Basin in the Wyoming Range

Lizann Peyton: Donor Inspired by Her Daughters

Polish and Shine on the Wyss Campus

Small Gifts DO Make a Difference

Programas en Español (Spanish Programs)

Complete: Wyss Campus fundraising

Saag with Tofu - The NOLS Cooking Show

NOLS Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus Hosts First Wilderness EMT Course

A NOLS Thanksgiving!

NOLS Named a Top-Rated Nonprofit

Campaign NOLS: Explaining Our Core Values, Part 2

An international menu in your pack

Happy Thanksgiving!

REI joins Expedition Denali

Out of my Comfort Zone

In Town Staff Family Fun Day

Gnat's Delicious Dishes

Two leaves announces NOLSvember

New Look, Same Great Product

Sharing the Joy of Wilderness Classrooms- The Trina and Jess Peterson Endowed Scholarship

Wyss Campus to open its doors

Gourmet Gulch Field Testing

Find adventure like Bilbo Baggins

Sinks Canyon Trail Work Day

The state of the school: FY 2012

New Technology in the Field at Rocky Mountain

Linda Lindsey named to Governor's Council

Expedition Denali: Team in Training

Slim the Lineman and Rocky Mountain Power visit NOLS Rocky Mountain

4th Grade Outdoor Ed Expo

WMI: Fun with numbers

Gulch Ventures

NOLS Participates in Habitat for Humanity Project in Riverton

The Wind Rivers Are So Nice

News from the WMI California WEMT program at the College of the Siskiyous

Have Your Semolina Cake and Eat it Too

Lander's Awesome Access

NOLS grad dines with strangers

NOLS' Amazing Public Relations Internship

Wyss Finishes Moving Forward

Welcome to Lander, WY

Notes from the Field: Summitting or not, the work doesn’t stop

Lightning Safety in the Backcountry

NOLS Year in Patagonia - Student Interviews

Must love long walks in the mountains …

Thanks, Two Leaves

The Results are In: Challenge for Charities Raises Half-Tuition Scholarship for Local Student

There and Back Again: An Intern's Tale

Radiant Heat with a Durable Finish on Wyss Floors

Golden Apple Scholarship winner taking NOLS course in 2013

View from Above: The Wyss Campus is shaping up!

Thomas Hornbein, M.D. Announced as WRMC Keynote Speaker

Buy a blanket, support a scholarship student

NOLS New Zealand to plant permanent roots

International Climber's Festival Comes to Town

Airborne Support for Waddington Range Courses

Campaign NOLS: Explaining Our Core Values, Part 1

CSA’s and Gardens for a Sustainable Summer in the Northwest

From our history into the future, together

Wyss Interior- HVAC and Fire Framing

In-depth Investigation of Red Canyon Rock- The Search For Water

Gans named Champion of Change by the White House

Military exercises in Alaska's Talkeetnas

NOLS RM Volunteer Day at Pushroot Community Garden

Alaska garden project thrives in summer sunshine

Rocky Mountain Branch Hosts Annual BBQ

Closing in on final framing at WWMC

Happy 50th Anniversary, OB!

Introducing Nate Robbins!

The Unique Foods of NOLS Scandinavia

Video: Pre-expedition excitement

A Whitehorse Washout?

Wilderness First Responder Recertification featured in the Denver Post

Lander business supports scholarship fundraising effort

NOLS ladies at Little Red

Recent work at the Wyss Campus

Update on Funding the Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus Construction

A-ray of sunlight powers NOLS RM

NOLS Rocky Mountain Welcomes 2012 Summer Interns!

Well-prepared for Bears in the Northwest

Geothermal wells and Classroom Walls

Veterans return from wilderness with NOLS and the Sierra Club

Faculty Summit workshop examines technology in the backcountry

Summit Addresses Environmental Issues

Inspiring Alumna: Morgan Dixon opens Faculty Summit

Notes from the Field: Phil is on the mend

Faculty Summit kicks off with clinics

Notes from the Field: Voicemail from Camp II

Students, Team share inspiration

Explore the written word

Off-Campus Semester to Start with NOLS

NOLS Pro featured in Businessweek

Notes from the Field: Phil Henderson touches Camp III

Building Gardens, Growing Community

GiveBIG to NOLS this Wednesday

Wyss progress - Mid-April Photos

NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute Announces New WEMT Programming in Northern California

Powerful Impact of Positivity

Excellent EB for the good of the river

Donor Profile: Scott Bass Learns it's in the Details

Notes from the Field: Phil Henderson arrives at Camp 1

Check your map for Earth Day events

Notes from the Field: Phil Henderson’s first weeks at Everest Base Camp

Steady Progress at the Main Building

Rock Mountain Yard Sale

NOLS Southwest Makes a Splash for Campaign NOLS

LMS Students Get Outside to Protect the Little Popo Agie

Allison Bergh on Astronauts and the Arctic

Notes from the Field: Phil Henderson on Everest approach

Wharton, Wilderness, Wall Street

Final forms emerging at one locale, structure taking form elsewhere.

Chris Beeson on Leadership Lessons in the Wilderness

Lakeside Leadership Initiative

Diversity and Inclusion: Who we are and what we do

Wilderness Leadership in the Harvard Business Review

Desolation Canyon to See Drilling

Makin Moves

Scholarship deadline looms!

NOLS' Phil Henderson looks to make history on Everest

Nate Ostis Talks Risk Management

NOLS Grad Makes a Difference Without Leaving a Footprint

Wood workin'

Bannon to Sit on Wyoming’s State Parks and Cultural Resources Commission

Winter Wilderness Medicine

Wildland Firefighters Learn Leadership in the Wilderness

WaterSmart in the Southwest

John Abel Reflects on NOLS Professional Training

Portraits of the New Interns

Peel Region At Risk as Yukon Government Disregards Planning Commission’s Recommendations

Veteran Discovers His Niche in the Outdoors

The SW has gone to the dogs!

Instructor Q&A with Edmilson Fonseca

Flaming Gorge Pipeline Rejected by FERC

The sun is smiling on Lander

Making Compost Happen!

A toast to free shipping and scholarships

Donor Profile: NOLS Pro’s Brian Fabel, Advocating for NOLS In and Out of the Field

Come to NOLS Mexico!

HidroAysén Makes Route of Transmission Lines Public: likely to impact NOLS Patagonia classrooms

Finding Followership

Wyss Campus Time-lapse

High Conservation Ethic in the American West

Group Development with NOLS

Wharton in the Wilderness

NOLS stands out in research

From Freshman to Finance with NOLS

Solar in the Southwest

Pulling Forms from New Walls