Close up of breakfast bagels on lid of a pan

How to Make Cheesy Breakfast Bagels

Close up of breakfast bagels on lid of a pan from NOLS recipe
Photo by Jordan Cranch.

Delicious and quick, this recipe is perfect to make when you just want something hot and simple for breakfast (and want to use up your bagels before they get squished on the trail).

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Runner goes through a grassy mountain meadow

Case Study: Runner Begins Feeling Ill

You and a friend are on a long run in the foothills of the Laramie Range in Wyoming. It’s a hot day. Four hours into the run your companion stumbles, ...

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One person coaches another down a rock face

Case Study: An Anxious Rappel

A trip participant has trouble on a rappel. When they are safely on the ground, you begin your patient assessment. Test your wilderness medicine ...

People hiking downhill with trekking poles

Case Study: An Undefined Rash

When symptoms are hard to define, the skills of decision-making and problem solving become more important. Test what you know in this case study!

Woman fly fishing in a river

Lightning Safety for Anglers

Summer means it’s time to grab your fishing gear and head outside. But have you checked the forecast—and do you know how to manage risk from a ...

Image with the text Resources for Anti-Racism

Resources for Anti-Racism

If you, like us, are looking to the leadership of those who have invested years in anti-racism advocacy, these resources that can provide a starting ...

Two men with heavy backpacks cross a snowy river.

Case Study: Cold Injuries on a Hike

Do you know how to prevent, recognize, and treat a non-freezing cold injury (NFCI)? Test your wilderness medicine skills with this case study.

Calm waters with fog and mountains in Alaska

Hiking Like a Girl

On an Alaska backpacking and sea kayaking course, NOLS grad Caroline Dooley realized that hiking like a girl is something to celebrate. Here's why.

four students sit together looking out at a craggy mountain peak in New Zealand with puffy clouds overhead

5 Myths About a NOLS Gap Year

Worried that a NOLS gap year expedition is beyond your reach in terms of timing, finances, or technical skills? Guess again!

A quinzhee stands in deep snow in front of a mountain while a pair of skis rests outside its entrance.

How To Build a Winter Snow Shelter

Excited to go winter camping? These pro tips and instructions teach you how to build a quinzhee shelter out of snow instead of using a tent.

black and white photo of NOLS Founder Paul Petzoldt teaching a group of students in the early years of NOLS.

Celebrating NOLS in the New Year

NOLS welcomes new president, and celebrates Paul Petzoldt's 112th birthday, our 55th anniversary, and 50th anniversary of 30 Days of Survival ...

hand holding tin cup of hot coffee with blue and tan mega mid tent in the background

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Searching for the perfect gift for an outdoorsy friend but not sure what to get? Check out our 2019 holiday gift guide!

Two women, Audrey and her mom, smile in a family photo with her twin, Cory. Cory is in an electronic wheel chair. They stand in front of a bike race finish line-Audrey is in bike racing attire.

Thankful for Wilderness Medicine

Audrey Goral took a NOLS WFA thinking she would only use the skills for a sprained ankle. She never expected to use the skills on her twin in an ...

Sagebrush, hills, and trees in Wyoming's Red Desert

Our Favorite Places to #OptOutside

Do something different on Black Friday—join NOLS in opting outside! Here are some of our staff's top picks for awesome places to #OptOutside.

train of horses on a horsepacking trip in Wyoming

Case Study: Bucked off a Horse

You're a first responder helping a patient who was bucked off their horse. The assessment might reveal something more troubling than what meets the ...

Mountaineering on a snowy slope on Mount Logan on a sunny day

Instructor Expeditions of 2018

Learn about the personal expeditions NOLS instructors undertook in the mountains, rivers, and frontcountry for professional development in 2018.

NOLS students hike between trees in Baja California

Brave, Not Perfect

NOLS grad Mairin Rogers shares what she learned on her Semester in Baja about being brave rather than constantly trying to achieve perfection.

Person ski touring pulling a sled pauses and looks at distant mountains in winter

Case Study: Is That Frostbite?

The patient commented that their toes have been cold and numb all day, but thought they could get by until getting into their sleeping bag. Read the ...

black and white sketch of red thorn acacia trees

Sketches from Tanzania

Mingyuk Chen shares sketches and stories from her expedition with NOLS in Tanzania, East Africa

Sea kayak with other group members and mountains in the background

What You Learn on a NOLS Semester

On outdoor semester with NOLS, you'll learn to find navigate in the wilderness—which might just help you find clarity on your journey through life as ...

Five smiling instructors wearing kayaking gear fling their arms out, holding their paddles triumphantly

NOLS Instructor Expeditions of 2017

Check out a collection of stories from some of the expeditions and trainings instructors pursued in 2017 to continue growing as leaders and educators.

Close up of a rattlesnake

Snakebites: Myth vs. Reality

Don't believe everything you see in the movies! Get the real scoop on common myths about treating snakebites from NOLS Wilderness Medicine.


Quiz: Bites and Envenomation

Do you know how to recognize and treat bites from fire ants, scorpions, snakes, spiders, and ticks? Test you knowledge with this quiz.

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Climbing for More Than the Summit

NOLS Wilderness Medicine grad Carina Ahlqvist will be the first Scandinavian woman to summit Makalu— but that's not why she joined the 2018 Climate ...

Person climbing at Cochise Stronghold

55 and Climbing

I had registered for the women's climbing course for many reasons, but my essential motive was to be in a positive, supportive, and encouraging ...

Person looks down a dirt road at a mountain scene

A Letter to My Future Self

Carolyn shares the letter she wrote to herself on a one-night solo near the end of her Semester in New Zealand.

Camp in the Wind River Range

Q&A with a NOLS Parent

Parent Shelli Johnson writes about what it was like for her son to go on a 30-day NOLS course