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Climbing for More Than the Summit

By Ben Lerman on 4/5/18 8:22 AM

Ahlqvist on an acclimatization climb in the Himalaya. Photo courtesy of Carina Ahlqvist.

“I am driven to do my part for a better world, not just reach the summit and get an adrenaline kick.”

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From A Gap Year to Yahoo! Sustainability

By Karly Copeland on 5/27/15 2:00 AM

Chris Page is passionate about a lot of things, but when we started talking about her time as a student at NOLS Mexico, the delight in her voice was apparent.

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Topics: Alumni, leadership, NOLS Mexico, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Baja, Environmental Stewardship, instructor

Weathering Storms and Riding Waves: Interview with Jim Acee (Part 2)

By Molly Herber on 5/22/15 2:00 AM
Jim on his student course in the Rockies in 1974. Photo courtesy of Jim Acee.
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Topics: NOLS Mexico, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Baja Sea Kayaking, adventure, instructor, Live the Dream

New Film Features American Icon: Sage-Grouse

By Evan Reimondo on 5/20/15 3:16 AM

You may have heard of the greater sage-grouse by now—it’s been in the media an awful lot lately.

The species is an American icon that was once ubiquitous across the sagebrush steppes of the West. Now, the sage-grouse has disappeared from much of its former range.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship, wilderness

Beyond the Ration: Sustainable Food at NOLS

By Karly Copeland on 5/6/15 1:30 AM

The NOLS ration is carefully engineered to meet the nutritional needs of our students and instructors. It is sprinkled with sweet treats to celebrate summits, birthdays, and other events that call for chocolate! And who doesn’t think of those peanut butter filled pretzels with fondness? However, to the NOLSie fresh off a 30-day expedition, even the most delicious maltball pales in comparison to the idea of fresh produce. As such, when our students and staff are in town we do our best to feed them the freshest food possible. Some locations are able to take things even further by growing their own food on site.

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Get Outside! 4th Grade Outdoor Education Day

By Becca Sage on 5/1/15 12:30 AM

Meadowlarks chirped and white clouds dotted the sky as about 140 happy Lander 4th graders gathered on Friday, April 24th, 2015 for the annual 4th Grade Outdoor Education Day. The Central Wyoming College Sinks Canyon Center was filled with excitement as local students participated in a day of learning outdoors.

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Topics: Lander, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, adventure, Environmental Stewardship, education

Smart Water Practices in the Southwest

By Naresh Kumar on 4/29/15 1:00 AM

Located in the Sonoran Desert, NOLS Southwest receives an average rainfall of 3-16 inches per year. Rainwater harvesting made human settlement in southern Arizona possible as far back as 3,500 years ago. But to compensate for the arid environment today, the Central Arizona Project pumps Colorado River water over 300 miles to Tucson via a pipeline. This unsustainable source currently makes up more than a third of Tucson’s water supply.

At NOLS Southwest, and the city of Tucson in general, we're making strides implementing innovative smart water practices in order to take advantage of the rainfall we do get and secure a more sustainable water supply.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship, NOLS Southwest, education, backcountry

Earth Day: Living Sustainably at NOLS India

By Karly Copeland on 4/22/15 12:00 AM

At NOLS, we work hard to make sure that each of our locations does its part to promote sustainable practices that will give our students great experiences and care for the amazing wild lands in which we operate. For Earth Day 2015, we're going to show you a day in the life at our location in Ranikhet, India, so you can see how we integrate sustainability and conservation into our everyday practices...

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Topics: leadership, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship, leave no trace, NOLS India

Take the Challenge: 2015 WY Outside Challenge

By Becca Sage on 4/10/15 1:00 AM
Enjoy fly fishing in the Wind River Range. Photo by Kevin Bergstrom
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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

Team 2020: Leaders in Sustainability

By Becca Sage on 3/10/15 5:11 AM

One of the core components of NOLS’ curriculum is Leave No Trace (LNT). Good wilderness ethics are essential for groups in the backcountry, but what about LNT for the front country? Allow me to introduce your front country LNT leaders: Team 2020! Team 2020 was established to facilitate the goal of a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions schoolwide by the year 2020.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

Wyss Campus Acquires More LEED Certifications

By Becca Sage on 3/4/15 4:08 AM

To have a LEED certification is an honorable feat in the world of sustainability. A product of the U.S. Green Building Council, the multi-tiered LEED certification system has been a pioneer and leader in sustainable building initiatives around the world.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes responsible building designs and practices. In pursuit of sustainability, NOLS has jumped on the LEED train and is successfully taking the school toward a greener future.

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Topics: Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Wyoming, WMI, Environmental Stewardship

Supporting NOLS through Solar Time

By on 3/3/15 7:05 AM

By Melissa Hemken, Foundation Relations Coordinator

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

Wyoming Legislature Angles to Annex Federal Lands

By Becca Sage on 2/6/15 3:36 AM

It’s the beginning of a new year and the 2015 Wyoming State Legislative Session is in full swing. There are many reasons to pay attention to the bills passing through the legislature, but why is it important to NOLS?

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

The Governor's Task Force on Forests

By Becca Sage on 1/30/15 4:54 AM

Wyoming’s expansive forests are exceptional. For more reasons than one may realize, the state’s forests play an important role in our lives and future. Whether it be environmental, economic, or recreational value, these areas represent something that every Wyomingite can identify with.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

Wyoming Youth Outdoor Bill of Rights

By Becca Sage on 1/23/15 5:59 AM

There is a growing concern for the youth of today: will this be the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than their parents? Obesity and diabetes are scary realities for many children in the United States, and there are several theories as to why these health issues have become such an epidemic. One major contributing factor is that kids are not spending enough time outdoors and being active. When children spend more time outside, they are not only physically healthier, but they also have an overall higher quality of life.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship, outdoor education