Give me some solar

By Sarah Reid

Jul 18, 2007

NOLS Rocky Mountain (RM) is gaining ground on the NOLS green initiative.

The RM has received an $80,000 grant from Rocky Mountain Power to build solar panels on the roof! NOLS is the first Wyoming recipient of the Rocky Mountain Power grant and we could not think of a better organization (yea, NOLS!) or place (Lander, with its endless supply of sunny days) for a partnership. Construction on the solar panels is slated to begin in October 2007.

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Sarah Reid

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Solar in the Southwest

NOLS Southwest has just completed the installation of a 64-panel solar array. The 19.7-kW system, which was installed by local Tucson company, Technicians For Sustainability, sits atop the ranch house and in-town offices. While the project does not dethrone the Noble for the title of largest solar array at NOLS, it will supply between 70 and 80 percent of the branch’s energy demands annually, approximately 37,000 kWh.

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