CNG Truck at NOLS

Posted by: Becca Sage on Feb 20, 2015

Natural Gas Truck The CNG truck is ready for action!

Transportation is a necessity at NOLS. How else would students and instructors arrive at some of the most isolated and spectacular places on our planet? Although transportation is key to NOLS operations worldwide, it also accounts for 40 percent of the school’s carbon emissions, making it a significant sustainability concern.

Last September, NOLS purchased a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle with funding support from Encana Oil and Gas. CNG is a well-established alternative to gasoline, boasting low cost, widespread distribution, and most importantly, clean-burning qualities. Due to the proximity of CNG providers in the area, the Ford truck will spend most of its days at the NOLS location in Vernal, Utah. After a short debut, it has proved to be a valuable asset to the NOLS fleet of vehicles.

There is a possibility for more CNG use at NOLS, as a CNG vehicle is being considered for the Three Peaks Ranch due to the infrastructure in Pinedale, Wyoming. We are excited to explore the use of CNG as well as more opportunities for environmentally friendly transportation.

Becca is the spring 2015 Stewardship and Sustainability intern at NOLS.