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3 Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Photography Game

By Will Harrison on 8/12/16 8:00 AM

Taking photos in the wilderness is a great way to capture memories you will hold for a lifetime. There’s nothing better than coming home with a camera full of your favorite moments—laughing around the campsite with friends, the delicious pizza you managed to perfect (albeit the third attempt), and the breathtaking vistas of the alpenglow on Bastion Peak in the Wind River Range.

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Educator Expedition: A Day in the Waddington Range

By Katie Oram on 7/18/16 10:29 AM

We arrived in Bluff Lake, British Columbia at 1:30AM from various places: Roger and I driving 30 hours from Wyoming, Jeremy flying in from California and Dane just finishing up class in Vancouver. We had been talking about it for a while now, applied for the funding from the Instructor Development Fund, but still it had just been this idea: a ski expedition to the Waddington Range in British Columbia, home to some very remote, high peaks and endless miles of glaciers with real hazards.

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Educator Expedition: La Patagonia Desconocida - The Unknown Patagonia

By Marissa Bieger on 4/25/16 7:33 AM

… Perhaps when I say the word Patagonia, most of you will think of legendary places like el Chaltén or Torres del Paine, but here is the difference, my Patagonia is a land unknown to many and familiar to few. Yes, that is what I speak of, of that land that still has magical air to explore, that which hides in maps without information, mountains without name and routes that definitely do not exist.

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Expedition Denali: Where Are They Now?

By Kim Freitas - no bio on 2/24/16 9:26 AM
Photo by Brad Christensen.
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Educator Expedition: Mountaineering in Ecuador

By NOLS Blog on 1/4/16 6:53 AM

By Travis Magaluk, NOLS instructor

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Himalayan Awakening: How NOLS Inspired My Pursuit of Mountaineering

By Annalise Grueter on 12/2/15 7:05 AM
The view of Dangthal and our camp. Photo by Annalise Grueter.
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5 Things You Already Do That Make You a Female Outdoor Leader

By Annalise Grueter on 10/19/15 8:00 AM

Backpacker magazine recently posted this piece online touching on the fact that, regardless of outdoor experience, their female readership were less likely to view themselves as leaders than their male readership, and that needs to change. We agree.

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History Comes Alive for the 10th Mountain Division

By Molly Herber on 10/15/15 9:35 AM
Historical Display of 10th Mountain Division Artifacts. Photo by Eryn Pierce.
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Waking Up in the Wilderness

By Carolyn Highland on 10/14/15 8:00 AM

I woke in the middle of the night to cold on my nose and a black strip of sky smattered with stars in my vision. It was all I could see, my sleeping bag cinched up around my face, laid out on the bare ground. I lay there unmoving, every cell of my body awake and aware of itself. It felt as though I’d been tapped on the shoulder, as though some massive universal force had tugged at me, whispering “you need to see this.”

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Who Moved My Wag Bag?!

By NOLS Blog on 9/30/15 8:00 AM

By Aloke Surin, a.k.a. “ADawg,” Pacific Northwest Outdoor Educator ‘02

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Remote and Unyielding

By Cole Medders on 9/16/15 8:58 AM
Standing at the top of Goose Neck Glacier. Photo by Kirk Rasmussen.
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Terrifying and Beautiful

By NOLS Blog on 9/9/15 8:25 AM
The crevasse maze we navigated. Photo by Alexa Rosenthall.
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Ascent to the White House [Interview]

By Molly Herber on 7/14/15 8:00 AM
Tyrhee and Rosemary at the White House as the Supreme Court's decision legalizing gay marriage is announced. Photo courtesy of Tyrhee Moore.
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Educator Expedition: Entry Point to Mountaineering

By NOLS Blog on 7/8/15 8:00 AM

By: Anne Drew Potter, NOLS Instructor

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Peter Metcalf: Living Big

By Casey Adams on 6/10/15 2:00 AM
Peter poses in front of Gannett Peak during his NOLS course. Photo courtesy of Peter Metcalf.
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