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NOLS Instructor Expeditions of 2017

By Molly Herber on 6/6/18 9:36 AM

Photo by Eric Page.

How do you become a better educator? There’s no one best answer, but continuing to be a learner yourself is certainly up there.

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5 Things You Already Do That Make You a Female Outdoor Leader

By Annalise Grueter on 10/19/15 8:00 AM

Backpacker magazine recently posted this piece online touching on the fact that, regardless of outdoor experience, their female readership were less likely to view themselves as leaders than their male readership, and that needs to change. We agree.

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Educator Expedition: Reading the Rapids on the Colorado River [Video]

By Molly Herber on 5/25/15 2:56 AM
Ledges camp. Photo by Michael Dooley.
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Educator Expedition: New Zealand Whitewater

By Casey Adams on 3/20/15 2:00 AM

By Geoff Kooy, NOLS Instructor

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In Their Words: NOLS New Zealand

By Casey Adams on 5/13/14 1:35 AM

Students who turn to NOLS for their semester abroad treasure the experience. Wendy Cirko and Cory McDonald both took NOLS semesters as their semesters abroad last year. Both Spring Semester in New Zealand graduates, shared their reflections on the experience and the education with us recently, and we had to share. Learn more about upcoming semesters in New Zealand here.

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Virtual Sea Kayaking - Alaska through a NOLS Student's Lens

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on 3/3/10 4:05 AM

High Schooler and Morehead-Cain Scholar Jarrard Cole posted this great video about his month-long Southeast Alaska Sea Kayaking Course with NOLS Alaska.

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