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Case Study: Ankle Injuries while Climbing

By Tod Schimelpfenig on Feb 24, 2020
Photo by Kyle Strachan

The Setting

You and your climbing partner are enjoying an exceptional climbing vacation. This morning your partner has the lead on the first pitch and is approximately 30 feet off the deck and 6 feet above his last piece of protection working over a roof.

At this point you notice him struggling with his foot placement and brace for a fall. He comes off the route and swings into the rock about 12 feet below his high point. His feet impacted first. He grabs his right ankle.

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Casting into Spring: Wilderness Medicine for Fly-Fishing

By Colleen Kelley on Jan 30, 2020
Photo courtesy of Oscar Manguy

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’ve probably noticed the sun setting a little bit later each day. As an avid fly-fisherman you might already be tying flies for the upcoming season. Even if you’ve never fly-fished before, NOLS Wilderness Medicine has advice for both beginners and experts so you can be prepared for the hobby’s common risks that are especially relevant in the early season. 

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Thankful for Wilderness Medicine

By Audrey Goral on Nov 22, 2019
Audrey carrying her mother and her blistered feet across a river. Photo courtesy of Audrey Goral.

Preparing for Family Adventures

My mom and I go backpacking frequently in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our typical playground is the western Sierras between Yosemite and Kings Canyon, ranging from quick weekend to two-week trips. We’ve also section hiked the John Muir Trail and hiked rim-to-rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon.

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7 Fishing First Aid Hazards (and What to Do)

By Ben Lerman on Jul 18, 2018
Photo courtesy of NOLS Alaska

You’re enjoying a beautiful day at your local fishing spot. Fish are rising everywhere and you’ve hooked three big brook trout already. But your day can easily take a turn if you accidentally walk through a patch of poison oak. Or get stung by a wasp. Or slip on the rocky shore.

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What to Do When You Hook Yourself: Removing a Fishhook

By Ben Lerman on Mar 14, 2018
Photo by Brad Christensen

It's the first fair-weather Saturday of the month. Most people are sleeping in—but not you. It’s time to fish!

Typically, you fish a barbless fly because you know it's easier to get the hook out of the fish’s mouth, but today you and your buddy are trying to catch your limit for a fish-fry later. You choose an obnoxiously large streamer with the biggest, nastiest, barb you have in your fly-box.

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