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Consultation with NOLS Risk Services: A 5-Step Risk Management Review

By Kenzie Wilkinson on 3/4/19 7:39 AM

Photo by Tracy Baynes

NOLS Risk Services offers consulting to organizations seeking to proactively manage risk in their outdoor programs. Risk Services, like the Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC), emerged in response to a growing need across the outdoor industry for collaborative risk management and from the philosophy that every organization in the industry shares both stake and responsibility in this effort.

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Risk Management Training: Kick Your RM Practices into Tip-Top Shape

By Erin Daily on 3/21/13 2:09 AM

After years spent churning around the corporate buzzword blender, the phrase “risk management” has too often become associated with lengthy legal documents filled with useless jargon and stale policies. For the thousands of organizations in the outdoor recreation industry, this perceived norm is not acceptable. Neither lingo nor blanketed universal procedures are suitable when peoples’ well-being and, in many cases, lives are on the line.

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