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Leaving a Legacy: Learning and Leading Risk Management Collaboration and Dialogue in Seoul

By Lexi Golestani on 12/14/17 12:05 PM

Editor's Note: Tara Verenna, the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Korea International School (KIS), runs an Experiential Education program focused on outdoor learning for students grades 4-12. Tara sought out NOLS for a Risk Management Training course (RMT), which ran in mid-September 2017. We caught up with Tara afterward to learn about her experience, and how the concepts and guidance provided by the RMT are helping to shape KIS’ risk management policies and procedures.

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Enhancing Student Experience and Inclusion through Risk Management

By Lexi Golestani on 12/1/17 8:31 AM

It’s mid-November, and a crew of excited Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) undergraduates loads into a few vans bound for the Pacific Ocean, anxiously anticipating their first open water dive. There is an air of hearty excitement mixed with a small dose of nerves; this is the feel of an adventure beginning.

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Topics: WRMC, Educators Notebook, Wilderness Risk Management Conference

Embracing Acceptable Risk in the Non-Traditional Classroom: Marin Academy & the WRMC

By Lexi Golestani on 11/21/17 2:40 PM

NOLS Risk Services caught up with Julie Barnes to find out why she values risk taking, risk management, and wilderness-based experiential education. Julie is the Director of Outings at Marin Academy (MA), an independent high school in San Rafael, CA, with a big focus on immersive experiential education & engaged learning. Many of these experiences take place in wilderness areas, which invite challenge, exploration, and the opportunity, for students and faculty alike, to be fully present.

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Risk Management in the Outdoors: Beyond the NOLS Course

By Logan Claytor on 3/16/16 9:23 AM

At NOLS, we believe in the value of spending time in wild places. We also know there is risk involved in what we do. We strive to practice and teach thoughtful risk management that emphasizes the health and well-being of our students and staff, and have for over 50 years.

At NOLS Risk Management Services (RMS), we draw on this expertise to support other programs that work, play, and travel in remote environments around the world. Our goal is to help organizations think critically about the risks their programs face and then manage those risks responsibly.

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What Organizations Should Know about Risk Management

By NOLS Blog on 3/16/16 9:06 AM

 NOLS Risk Management Services helps organizations working in remote settings identify and manage risks so they can improve their programs and reach their full potential.

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Topics: WRMC, risk management, Educators Notebook, leadership, Wilderness Risk Management Conference