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Welcome to NOLS India: Expeditions in the Himalaya

By NOLS on Aug 12, 2019

Written by Annalise Grueter and Manohar D'silva.

Photo by Kirk Rasmussen

line of solemn, snow-capped giants stretches across the three northernmost states in India.

These soaring peaks belong to the world’s highest mountain chain: the Himalaya.

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Simple Views Teach Profound Lessons: Sunrise in the Himalaya

By Chris Pouch on Oct 2, 2018
Photo by Chris Pouch

Nanda Devi, according to the legend of villagers in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of India, was a beautiful princess. When a prince fell in love with her and asked to marry her, she refused, sending him into a rage. The prince declared war and forced Nanda Devi to flee to the mountains. She climbed to the heights of a snow-covered peak in search of refuge. When she could go no higher, she rested, looking down from the top of the world. This summit proved to be her final resting place as she merged with the mountain, leaving behind only her spirit, present in the wind and snow, and her name, which now belongs to the place that took her: Nanda Devi.

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My Trials and Triumphs Mountaineering in the Himalaya

By Haley Peel on Jan 31, 2017
Photo courtesy of Haley Peel.

About a year ago, I decided to do something drastic. Something life-changing. Something longer than my typical one-week excursions. I wanted to climb the famous (or infamous) white peaks of the Himalaya.

So, I signed up for a six-week Himalaya Mountaineering course with NOLS in India.

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How You Can Be More Sustainable Every Day

By Sarah Zimmerman on Apr 22, 2016

Photo by Austin D.

At NOLS, we try hard to incorporate earth-friendly practices into our work every week, every day, around the world. We try new ideas, like planting native flower seeds, and stick with the old practices that we’ve been working on for years, like repairing gear to keep it in use.

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12 Photos to Get You Excited for Spring

By Molly Herber on Mar 16, 2016

Spring is coming—it's time to start frolicking through wildflowers and get antsy for summer expeditions.

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NOLS: Touching the Untouched

By NOLS Blog on Jan 26, 2016

By Gaytri Bhatia, NOLS instructor

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Himalayan Awakening: How NOLS Inspired My Pursuit of Mountaineering

By Annalise Grueter on Dec 2, 2015


The view of Dangthal and our camp. Photo by Annalise Grueter.
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Educator Expedition: Focusing on the Soft Skills

By Molly Herber on May 10, 2015

By Anvesh Singh Thapa, NOLS Instructor

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Beyond the Ration: Sustainable Food at NOLS

By Karly Copeland on May 6, 2015

The NOLS ration is carefully engineered to meet the nutritional needs of our students and instructors. It is sprinkled with sweet treats to celebrate summits, birthdays, and other events that call for chocolate! And who doesn’t think of those peanut butter filled pretzels with fondness? However, to the NOLSie fresh off a 30-day expedition, even the most delicious maltball pales in comparison to the idea of fresh produce. As such, when our students and staff are in town we do our best to feed them the freshest food possible. Some locations are able to take things even further by growing their own food on site.

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Earth Day: Living Sustainably at NOLS India

By Karly Copeland on Apr 22, 2015

At NOLS, we work hard to make sure that each of our locations does its part to promote sustainable practices that will give our students great experiences and care for the amazing wild lands in which we operate. For Earth Day 2015, we're going to show you a day in the life at our location in Ranikhet, India, so you can see how we integrate sustainability and conservation into our everyday practices...

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