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Katherine Boehrer

Katherine Boehrer
Katherine is an Alaska Backpacking graduate and was the NOLS Social Media Coordinator. When she’s offline she enjoys running, backpacking, hiking, and cooking.
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The Art of a Good Re-Ration Care Package

By Katherine Boehrer on Jul 17, 2017

During a NOLS course that’s longer than a week, you’ll likely have a number of “re-supplies” or “re-rations” where you’ll receive new food, fuel, and supplies for the next section of your course. At the beginning of a course, you may be able to put a few items for yourself in with these supplies, so you can receive them throughout the course. (How much you can bring will often depend on the type of course and where you are. Customizing re-rations is not an option for every NOLS course.)

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Topics: Expedition Prep, camping, rations

Make Leadership the Focus of Your Gap Year

By Katherine Boehrer on Mar 23, 2017

Backpacking in Alaska. Photo by Tara Pesman.

I took my first NOLS course, Alaska Backpacking, the summer before my senior year of high school. Many things I learned in the backcountry made me better prepared for my final year of high school and starting college.

If you're thinking about taking a gap year, that's a perfect time to hone your leadership skills. The value of travel, work experience, or service during a gap year isn't just in activities—it's also in the intangible skills like teamwork and self-reliance.

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Topics: leadership, Behind the Scenes, Gap Year

Intro to Federal Public Lands in the U.S.

By Katherine Boehrer on Aug 30, 2016

America’s federal public lands are an amazing resource for all kinds of recreation—but how much do you know about the different kinds of public land?

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Topics: leadership, adventure, Environmental Stewardship, stewardship, education, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

Gado-Gado Spaghetti: A Classic NOLS Recipe

By Katherine Boehrer on Aug 5, 2016

This classic noodle dish with peanut sauce is a treat at the end of a long day of adventuring! Better yet, it can be eaten hot or cold, so you could even save some for lunch the next day. The credit for this popular NOLS Cookery recipe goes to Donna Orr, a former NOLS employee, and previous Cookery co-author.

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Topics: backcountry cooking, Expedition Prep, recipe, camping, cooking, backcountry recipe, backpacking recipe

How to Keep an Epic Expedition Journal

By Katherine Boehrer on Apr 27, 2016

Journaling can be a great way to remember your trip into the wilderness and reflect after a long day outside. Not to mention that writing daily has numerous benefits that are great for any expedition, from improving your communication skills and emotional intelligence to helping you achieve your goals. But keeping a trip journal can be difficult!

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Topics: Expedition Prep, adventure, expedition, education, backcountry

How to Make Your Own Instant Backpacking Meals

By Katherine Boehrer on Apr 20, 2016

Artwork by Elizabeth Simons

Sometimes we love the convenience of those pre-made, just-add-water, instant backpacking meals. At the end of a long day outside, it can be great to skip the dishes and still enjoy a tasty and filling dinner. Not to mention that just-add-water meals are often lighter-weight than traditional bulk rations, and require less fuel for cooking since you only need to boil water.

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Topics: Alumni, Expedition Prep, recipe, camping, cooking, adventure, expedition, backcountry

4 Classic NOLS Desserts

By Katherine Boehrer on Jan 22, 2016

There’s nothing better than enjoying a well-prepared dessert in the backcountry! Over the years, a few favorites have stood out on NOLS courses. These range in difficulty from mix-and-eat to baking with a twiggy fire. We encourage you try—and enjoy—them all!

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Topics: Expedition Prep, recipe, cooking, backcountry

6 Oatmeal Recipes Worth Getting Out of Your Sleeping Bag For

By Katherine Boehrer on Jan 6, 2016

Oatmeal is staple breakfast food for many campers looking to start the day off right. Make sure your oatmeal is never boring with these cooking and topping tips!

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Topics: Expedition Prep, recipe, cooking, backpacking, backcountry

Your Favorite Posts of 2015

By Katherine Boehrer on Dec 28, 2015

'Tis the season for top 10 lists! We've had a great year on the NOLS Blog thanks to you, our readers! To celebrate, we took a look back your favorite posts from this year.

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Topics: Alumni, leadership, Behind the Scenes, wilderness-medicine, cooking, instructor, education, backcountry

5 Incredibly Useful Backcountry Baking Techniques

By Katherine Boehrer on Nov 6, 2015

Photo by Charlotte Klein.

Become a master backcountry baker with these techniques!

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Topics: Expedition Prep, recipe, baking, cooking, backcountry

Valor Award Winner Adam Baxter: WMI Instructor, NPS Climbing Ranger, and WEMT

By Katherine Boehrer on May 13, 2015

Adam Baxter balances his seasonal life with summers as a ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park and fall through spring teaching for NOLS Wilderness Medicine. This May in Washington, D.C., he is receiving the "Valor Award" for his part in a rescue operation that took place in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) during the summer of 2013. According to the Department of the Interior website, the Valor Award is "presented to Department of the Interior employees who have demonstrated unusual courage involving a high degree of personal risk in the face of danger.” The story is told in section 3 of this profile.

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Topics: National Outdoor Leadership School, wilderness-medicine, WMI, instructor, outdoor education, backcountry