7 Simple Items to Upgrade Your Backcountry Setup

By Sam Cook

Jul 11, 2016

Just because you’re in the backcountry doesn’t mean you need to stop being fabulous. You may think that your wardrobe is going to consist of khaki, black, and gray, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you can have style in the frontcountry, you bet you can have style in the backcountry, too.

Here are 7 items that will change your backcountry wardrobe from mediocre to marvelous.

1. The classic Croc

Croc shoe Photo from Pixabay.

Be bold and buy some crocs. They are the most comfortable lightweight camp shoe around. Plus, there are endless colors to choose from!

2. Buff headband

Wearing a buff Photo by Cass Colman.

These have so many uses! It can transform into a hat, tube top, ski mask... the list goes on.

3. Titanium spork

Spork Image from Youtube.

Yes, a spork can be cute AND a part of your outfit. You can even be ready to dine at all times by attaching your spoon-fork to your jacket zipper via a mini carabiner for quick and easy access. Titanium sporks are also incredibly durable.

4. Chums

NOLS Chums Photo from the NOLS Store.

You’ll never fear losing your precious sunglasses again if you have Chums. They are comfortable on the ears, and give your sunglasses personality. (You can buy NOLS chums at the online store, or when you arrive at your course's location!)

5. Face wipes

Baby Wipes Photo by Abi Porter.

Take your coconut oil addiction into the backcountry. You might not be able to shower every day, but by bringing face wipes you can at least treat yourself to a clean face that smells like coconuts. Make sure to bring a non-scented version when you’re camping in bear country!

6. Leggings

Trail run in leggings Photo from Reebok.

You don't need go to an outdoor store and spend a fortune on leggings. TJ Maxx and other stores like it have an endless supply of cute leggings that are sleek and comfy at affordable prices. These are great for a base layer when you're on the move or for hanging around camp.

7. Sun hat

Sun hat Photo from Pixabay.

Hats are a fashion statement in the backcountry and 100 percent necessary, especially in the heat of summer. Try to find one with a string around the neck so it won't blow away in the wind!

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Written By

Sam Cook

Sam is a student at Western Carolina University who likes to do fun activities outside, from long walks in the mountains to cooking extravagant meals on her stove. She was a student on a NOLS Mexico semester in 2013, earned her Wilderness First Responder certification in 2016, and was the summer 2016 NOLS Alumni Relations intern.

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