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Scott Briscoe on NOLS: It’s a Game Changer [Interview]

By Kim Freitas on Apr 7, 2016

Scott Briscoe was a member of Expedition Denali in June 2013, the first all African American team to attempt this climb. After returning from the expedition, several expedition members toured around the country, where they told the story of the climb.

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Expedition Denali: Where Are They Now?

By Kim Freitas on Feb 24, 2016


Photo by Brad Christensen.
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Ascent to the White House [Interview]

By Molly Herber on Jul 14, 2015


Tyrhee and Rosemary at the White House as the Supreme Court's decision legalizing gay marriage is announced. Photo courtesy of Tyrhee Moore.
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Taking "An American Ascent" to Middlebury [Trailer]

By Molly Herber on May 9, 2015
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'An American Ascent' Earns Best Picture, Best Director

By Casey Adams on Feb 5, 2015

“An American Ascent,” the film documenting NOLS Expedition Denali, earned Best Film and Best Director honors at the San Diego Black Film Festival this weekend.

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Expedition Denali stories inspire in Lander and beyond

By Casey Adams on Mar 4, 2013

Last week, the Expedition Denali team traveled to Lander, Wyo., where they spent a day at NOLS Headquarters for their final gathering before they attempt to summit Denali in June. As part of this visit, they held a forum for local NOLS staff in which they shared their motivations, fears, and expectations for joining Expedition Denali. Each brought his or her own story to the team, creating a strong, diverse group that will be able to impact the lives of a variety of children across the nation.

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Expedition Denali: Team in Training

By Casey Adams on Oct 8, 2012

After a summer of training hard in Washington's Cascade Range, British
Columbia's Waddington Range, and Alaska's Chugach Range, the Expedition
team is poised to embark on their journey to Denali in June 2013.

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