NOLS Courses Are So Much Pun!

By Sarah Buer

May 20, 2016

We believe in the value of education—and in having fun.

Get your daily dose of humor with some of our favorite NOLS-related puns:

Students get really excited when the start date for their course draws near.

An expedition?! Alpaca my bags.

Photo from Pixabay.

We like to remind our students to relax and have fun, because camping isn’t as enjoyable when you’re two tents.

Tents in Alaska

Photo by Charlotte Klein.

You’ll make a ton of deer friends on a NOLS course! We think you’ll grow to be quite fawned of them.

Deer friends

Photo from Pexels.

When you decide to sign up for a course, be sure to bring insect repellent! Don’t let those mosquitoes bug you.

Mosquito headnet

Photo by Tracy Baynes.

And don’t be knotty on the rock climbing expeditions—you have to respect the gravity of the situation, after all.

Climbing knots

Photo by Matthew Schilowitz.

NOLS offers wilderness medicine courses as well as expeditions and professional training. (Study hard—a lot of students forget the parts about amnesia.)

Study hard

Photo by Jesse Orrico.

NOLS wants all of our students tibia efficient in splinting, because there’s nothing humerus about a broken arm in the wilderness.


Image from No White Coat.

You can trust certified Wilderness First Responders to protect your spine—we’ve got your back.

Practicing patient assessment

Practice scenario. Photo by Travis Welch.

Our backcountry fly fishing is really unique—never mainstream.

Fly fishing

Photo by Brad Christensen.

And when you catch the big ones, the jig is up! ;

Catching a fish

Photo by Tracy Baynes.

Once in a while you might even see little river marmots. It can be otter chaos when this happens—the cute is too much to handle.

River otter

Photo from the Buffalo Zoo.

When it comes to camping, there is a lot of controversy over the best ways to build a fire … it’s a topic that’s hotly debated ...

Fire ring

Photo from Wikipedia.

... but students are usually pretty stoked once they get one going.

Campfire in Patagonia

Photo courtesy of Alex Chang - Cornell Leadership Expedition in Patagonia.

Cooking can be tricky... we’ve had students accidentally spill entire rations of oregano when making backcountry pizza! But now, they’re now seasoned campers.

Seasoning backcountry pizza

Photo by Tracy Baynes.

(We’d tell you the story behind that one, but it’s just too cheesy.)

NOLS Pizza Love

Photo by Nicholas Byrne.

When it’s all said and done, we just love our students and we love being in the mountains. They rock.

NOLS Canyon section

Photo by Kelsey Wicks.

Alright, we’re done with these outdoor and mountain puns. They goat a bit out of hand.

Mountain Goat

Photo from Pixabay.

Join in on the pun yourself! Check out our selection of expedition courses,courses for organizations, and wilderness medicine courses today.

Written By

Sarah Buer

Sarah is a Wyoming native, Wilderness First Responder graduate, and former marketing coordinator for NOLS Wilderness Medicine. When she’s offline she enjoys running, singing and playing guitar, and playing in the mountains

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