Wilderness First Responder, in Cartoons

By Carmine Leighton

Oct 28, 2015

Wilderness First Responder graduate Carmine Leighton illustrated each day of a WFR course in cartoons!

Day 1


WFR: Day 1

Day 2


WFR: Day 2

Day 3

WFR: Day 3

Day 4

WFR: Day 4

Day 5

WFR: Day 5

Day 6

WFR: Day 6

Day 7

WFR: Day 7

Day 8

WFR: Day 8

Day 9

WFR: Day 9

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Written By

Carmine Leighton

Carmine Leighton completed a Wilderness First Responder course in 2015.

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I was nervous for a couple reasons: First, my medical knowledge was limited to watching Grey's Anatomy on TV prior to the course; second, I was unsure how I would be triggered or invalidated in my Queer identity through the nine-day course.

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