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Why Car Camping With Kids Was Harder Than My NOLS Course

By Alyssa Walker on Sep 18, 2018

Photo by Alyssa Walker.

On our last family car camping sojourn, a three-day affair two years ago, we learned that two- and four-year-olds are too young for anyone to enjoy any aspect of car camping. There were diapers. There were legions of biting insects. There was not one, but two kid backpacks. There was a frog potty. There were tantrums. Everything was sticky. It rained. We were too close to our neighbors. Fun, but not. At all.

We took a break for a year, thinking two potty-trained kids, at a minimum, would help. This time, we resolved, would be better, more fun, the stuff of memories and traditions. Our children, at four and six, were ready. So were we.

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The Adventure Rolls On: Thriving through Adversity with Eric Thompson

By Sarah Buer on Mar 25, 2016
Photo courtesy of Eric Thompson.
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Cornell Cultivates Leadership, Elementally

By Erin Daily on Feb 28, 2013

As both a NOLS instructor and an MBA student at Cornell’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Jamie Hunt acts as a one-of-a-kind
bridge between individuals typically sporting an array of Patagonia apparel and
those who don blazers and button-ups on a more regular basis. Hunt’s distinctive
perspective helped forge the pathway for the first Johnson Leadership Expedition, a 10-day hiking course in Patagonia for academic credit
that took place in January.

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Must love long walks in the mountains …

By Casey Adams on Aug 24, 2012

NOLS is a diverse and fascinating community, something
reality TV star and NOLS grad Ames Brown can attest to.

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