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My Semester in Baja, as Told in Food and Sunsets [photo essay]

By Claire Burgeson on Jan 22, 2019

On the seventh day of my Spring Semester in Baja, we bought a goat.

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5 Cool Things You Learn From Sailing

By Molly Herber on Sep 10, 2015

Is sailing just for people like this?

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Educator Expedition: Cape Town Sailing

By Nick Braun on Jan 28, 2015

On January 5, I kicked off the New Year with an adventure on the southern seas. With the support of the Pete Absolon Fund that supports advanced instructor training, I made my first trip to Africa. The goal was to expand my sailing horizons and to gain experience sailing in an unfamiliar place, with bigger seas and more challenging weather. And that is exactly what I got!

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Educator Expedition: San Juan and Gulf Island Keelboat Sailing

By NOLS on Dec 9, 2014

By Bradley Martin, NOLS Instructor

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In Their Words: NOLS New Zealand

By Casey Adams on May 13, 2014

Students who turn to NOLS for their semester abroad treasure the experience. Wendy Cirko and Cory McDonald both took NOLS semesters as their semesters abroad last year. Both Spring Semester in New Zealand graduates, shared their reflections on the experience and the education with us recently, and we had to share. Learn more about upcoming semesters in New Zealand here.

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Must love long walks in the mountains …

By Casey Adams on Aug 24, 2012

NOLS is a diverse and fascinating community, something
reality TV star and NOLS grad Ames Brown can attest to.

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Innovative Thinking

By Eliza Scally on Jun 10, 2011

Sometimes-–well, most of the time--working as a NOLS instructor and teaching in the field means being able to think creatively. Ben Lester, an instructor on the Semester on the Borders course, is a prime example. Having struggled with explaining the physics of sailing to his students in the past, he decided to get creative. He took on the project of building scaled models of NOLS Pacific Northwest’s keelboats, Sol Quest and Luna Quest to more easily demonstrate how the keel “works as a pivot point--turning the boat into or away from the wind depending on how the sails are trimmed”.

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