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USNA Midshipman Turned NOLS Instructor

By Mike Titzer on 5/16/19 8:26 AM
 Photo by Nick Valentine

It was the second week of our course, and our hiking group of US Naval Academy Midshipmen sat on the side of an Alaskan mountain overlooking a giant herd of caribou.  

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A Day at the NOLS Faculty Summit

By NOLS on 5/11/11 9:36 AM

It's the second official day here at the NOLS Faculty Summit. Distinguished alumni and veteran instructors from around the world are sharing their knowledge and experiences with the rest of the NOLS faculty.

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The Faculty Summit Has Begun!

By NOLS on 5/10/11 8:23 AM

Over 150 instructors from around the world have gathered for a week of workshops, discussions, lectures, seminars, networking and fun. Topics range from river crossing techniques to the state of inclusion here at NOLS. Today we will hear from Tori Murden McClure, John Grunsfeld, Joe Thomas, and an expedition-full of veteran instructors. Follow along on Twitter at #NOLSsummit.

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Extreme Makeover Winner is Heading into the Winds

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on 8/26/10 4:17 AM

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"Hand Me The Baby!!!"

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on 3/31/10 3:41 AM

Caution, sappiness may follow.

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