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Snakebites: Myth vs. Reality

By Ben Lerman on 6/4/18 11:40 AM

In the movies, snakes bite constantly, fly through the air to strike, and kill their victims almost instantly with their venomous bites. Those involved respond in all manner of ways, from trying to photograph and identify the snakes’ species in 2006’s Snakes on a Plane to cutting open the bite wound and attempting to suck out the poison in 2010’s True Grit. Needless to say, these sensationalized portrayals can be misleading.

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Topics: wilderness medicine, first aid, myth, WFR, snakebite

NOLS MythCrushers Episode 1: Fish Eyes

By William Roth on 11/18/09 2:34 AM

Fish eyes are the bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot as water is heated. Some people believe this is hot enough for reliable disinfection. We disagree.

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