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Rich Brame

Rich Brame
Rich Brame came to NOLS in the 80's as a Fall Semester in the Rockies student and worked his first NOLS course at Wind Cave National Park in 1984. Since then, he's worked varied NOLS trips and courses on five continents—with a few more on the way. Rich does some frontcountry shenanigans for NOLS, too. He's headed up NOLS' public policy, research, LNT, Yukon programs and most recently in the Alumni Relations Department.

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Billycan Romance: A Lifetime Adventure

By Rich Brame on Feb 4, 2020
Photo by Nathan Page

In about 1983, two New York City bankers met at a party. There was the usual small talk, music by Culture Club, and some shop talk, too. Home loan rates were 13%; electronic games maker Coleco was a hot stock; hit movies were Flashdance and The Big Chill.

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A Rural Surprise: Utah Officials Support National Parks

By Rich Brame on Sep 25, 2019
Utah wildflowers

Southern Utah is a land of contrasts. High peaks border deep canyons. Wide slickrock plateaus divide narrow, winding washes. Sought-after resources like coal, uranium, and natural gas lie beneath open space, wildlife habitat, and crystal skies. National parks, with their focus on visitors, are rimmed by rural communities with agricultural roots.

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NOLS Grad is NASA's Hubble Repairman

By Rich Brame on Apr 16, 2009

Multiple NOLS course grad, astrophysicist, professional astronomer, and NASA astronaut John Grunsfeld will make his final rendezvous with the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope in mid-May. See the stunning and brief New York Times video/slide show to hear John's eloquent description of his work, training and the telescope's amazing discoveries about the nature of the universe.

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