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Becca Sage

Becca Sage
Becca is the spring 2015 Stewardship and Sustainability intern at NOLS.

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Get Outside! 4th Grade Outdoor Education Day

By Becca Sage on 5/1/15 12:30 AM

Meadowlarks chirped and white clouds dotted the sky as about 140 happy Lander 4th graders gathered on Friday, April 24th, 2015 for the annual 4th Grade Outdoor Education Day. The Central Wyoming College Sinks Canyon Center was filled with excitement as local students participated in a day of learning outdoors.

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Topics: Lander, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, adventure, Environmental Stewardship, education

Springtime Excitement in the West Wing

By Becca Sage on 4/23/15 1:00 AM

Part of the west wing at NOLS headquarters is home to the Operations Department. For those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting this area, you will agree that it is a serene part of the building. Although typically mellow, twice a year our quiet little plant-filled sanctuary fills with the sweet sounds of Spanish and the aroma of coffee and delicious food. The school directors must be in town!

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Topics: Alumni, leadership, Behind the Scenes, Lander, National Outdoor Leadership School

Take the Challenge: 2015 WY Outside Challenge

By Becca Sage on 4/10/15 1:00 AM
Enjoy fly fishing in the Wind River Range. Photo by Kevin Bergstrom
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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

Green Gear Initiative

By Becca Sage on 3/26/15 2:51 AM

From holes and burn marks to busted zippers and drawstrings, NOLS gear endures a lot more wear and tear than your average outdoor gear. Especially at NOLS Rocky Mountain, where about 1,760 students cycle through per year, it’s likely that certain pieces of gear have seen more days in the backcountry than some people have.

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Team 2020: Leaders in Sustainability

By Becca Sage on 3/10/15 5:11 AM

One of the core components of NOLS’ curriculum is Leave No Trace (LNT). Good wilderness ethics are essential for groups in the backcountry, but what about LNT for the front country? Allow me to introduce your front country LNT leaders: Team 2020! Team 2020 was established to facilitate the goal of a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions schoolwide by the year 2020.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

Wyss Campus Acquires More LEED Certifications

By Becca Sage on 3/4/15 4:08 AM

To have a LEED certification is an honorable feat in the world of sustainability. A product of the U.S. Green Building Council, the multi-tiered LEED certification system has been a pioneer and leader in sustainable building initiatives around the world.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes responsible building designs and practices. In pursuit of sustainability, NOLS has jumped on the LEED train and is successfully taking the school toward a greener future.

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Topics: Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Wyoming, WMI, Environmental Stewardship

CNG Truck at NOLS

By Becca Sage on 2/20/15 1:55 AM
The CNG truck is ready for action!
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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

DEQ Aims to Downgrade Essential Streams in Wyoming

By Becca Sage on 2/13/15 3:30 AM

It’s a hot summer day in Wyoming and you are hiking along a cherished trail surrounded by pines, peaks and sunny skies. Care to take off your boots and soak your feet in a cool stream, or perhaps go for a swim? Water quality may not cross your mind when you’re sweating and distracted by the beauty of the landscape, but you might have to think again.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship

Wyoming Legislature Angles to Annex Federal Lands

By Becca Sage on 2/6/15 3:36 AM

It’s the beginning of a new year and the 2015 Wyoming State Legislative Session is in full swing. There are many reasons to pay attention to the bills passing through the legislature, but why is it important to NOLS?

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

The Governor's Task Force on Forests

By Becca Sage on 1/30/15 4:54 AM

Wyoming’s expansive forests are exceptional. For more reasons than one may realize, the state’s forests play an important role in our lives and future. Whether it be environmental, economic, or recreational value, these areas represent something that every Wyomingite can identify with.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship

Wyoming Youth Outdoor Bill of Rights

By Becca Sage on 1/23/15 5:59 AM

There is a growing concern for the youth of today: will this be the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than their parents? Obesity and diabetes are scary realities for many children in the United States, and there are several theories as to why these health issues have become such an epidemic. One major contributing factor is that kids are not spending enough time outdoors and being active. When children spend more time outside, they are not only physically healthier, but they also have an overall higher quality of life.

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Topics: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship, outdoor education

Facility Efficiency Improvements at NOLS Pacific Northwest

By Becca Sage on 1/16/15 6:12 AM

When it comes to sustainability, every little bit counts. Even a toilet. When Karly Copeland, NOLS Sustainability Coordinator, made a call to NOLS Pacific Northwest to do an annual facility efficiency audit, toilets came up a lot. As it turns out, there is a lot that goes into sustainably updating a facility. Everything from appliances, light bulbs, and pipes, to weather stripping, sink fixtures and toilets must be taken into account. Some fixes are simple while others require much more attention, planning and funding.

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