5 Things Not to Miss at NOLS’ 50th Anniversary Party

By NOLS Blog

Oct 7, 2015

The NOLS 50th anniversary party is finally here, and we want to make sure you hit all of the important events! Check out our highlights below.

1. Keynote Address by Black Diamond Founder & CEO and NOLS grad Peter Metcalf


Peter Metcalf at Gannett Peak Peter Metcalf posing in front of Gannett Peak on his student course. Photo courtesy of Peter Metcalf.


Hear how he got his start in the outdoor industry and the inside scoop on the early days of NOLS Thursday night.

2. Silent Auction

Because you need a sleek, speedy kayak for your next adventure. Make your final bid by Saturday night.

3. 50th Anniversary Amble


Running for Leadership Running for leadership! Photo by Lucy Rogers.


Whether you power-walk, crabwalk, or Olympic-speed sprint, just make sure you’re on your own two feet* on Saturday morning!

*Segways not permitted.

4. State of the School Address

What’s been happening at NOLS during 2015? Find out on Friday morning! If you really want to nerd out, you can check out last year’s State of the School report here.

5. Dance Party (especially if you aren’t in Lander)


Jumping for Joy Show off every crazy dance move you have. Photo by Charlotte Klein.


Because every birthday celebration should end with a dance. On Saturday night, whether you’re in Lander or Coyhaique or New Zealand, trade your hiking boots for dancing shoes and do a little dance for NOLS!

Happy celebrating!

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