Partnerships Make NOLS Scholarships Possible

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Aug 10, 2015


Achievement at NOLS Patagonia Achieving at NOLS Patagonia. Photo by Mauricio Clauzet.


“My experiences on my NOLS course sharpened my leadership skills, and I am now able to operate at my full potential, something that no one can take away which just makes it even more special to me.”

—Abraham Vicuna, YES East End Prep School, Wind River Wilderness ‘14

Abraham is one of the many students who have benefited over the years from the NOLS scholarship program. As a school, one of our most important responsibilities is to make our leadership training and the life-changing experiences of the wilderness available to as many eager, budding leaders as possible.

The NOLS scholarship program is supported through gifts from individuals, foundations and strategic partnerships.

One way NOLS does that is through the Annual Fund, which we are able to finance in a variety of ways, including through strategic partnerships. These partnerships enable us to fund scholarships, environmental sustainability, and curriculum development research.

One Percent for the Planet, launched in 2002 by legendary outdoorsperson and founder of Patagonia, Inc. Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies, is one of our strategic partnerships.


Allgood Provisions Trail Mix Photo by Molly Herber.


Through One Percent for the Planet, we were able to connect with the organic snack food company Allgood Provisions, which is supporting NOLS by donating 1% of their trail mix sales to the Annual Fund. This means that eating Allgood Provisions’ trail mix almost directly correlates to providing an incredible experience for someone who might not otherwise have been able to take a NOLS course, like Abraham.

“As I think back to my journey I realize that it didn’t start when I first put my boots on, when I crossed my first river, when I read my first topographical map, or when I led my group on independent expedition, but it started with the donors that made my scholarship possible. NOLS taught me to have faith in my decisions and to continue to challenge myself past what I thought attainable. It made a significant impact in my life, and for me being a leader in my community.”

Thank you to Allgood Provisions and to all of our alumni and donors who have contributed to NOLS over the years!

Learn more about scholarships at NOLS on our Financial Aid page.


Achievement at NOLS Rocky Mountain Wilderness experiences build future leaders. Photo by Rachel Gold.

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