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How Valuing Different Leadership Roles Makes Better Teams

By Molly Herber on Oct 23, 2018
Photo by Brad Christensen

Picture a leader in your mind.

Maybe you're imagining a lone individual singlehandedly making decisions and wielding authority.

Or, maybe you're thinking of someone completely different—like your friend who avoids the spotlight, but always has their eyes open for places to help.

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Topics: Leadership Skills, teamwork, Leadership

Learning the Meaning of Teamwork in the Wilderness

By Wolf Johnson on Jan 22, 2018
Photo courtesy of Wolf Johnson

I crested the top of the small mountain, ahead of the rest, for a brief moment of celebration on the top, all by myself. The view took my breath away, literally, but also emotionally. I could feel a tenderness and had a few tears in my eyes.

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How to Create a High-Functioning Team in the Outdoors

By Taylor Owens on Sep 7, 2017

You go on outdoor adventures to enjoy the group experience as much the scenery or any activity you'll do. Just like packing your gear, you can plan ways to keep everyone motivated and excited to be part of the team.

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Topics: Leadership Skills, Outdoor Leadership, teamwork