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USNA Midshipman Turned NOLS Instructor

By Mike Titzer on 5/16/19 8:26 AM
 Photo by Nick Valentine

It was the second week of our course, and our hiking group of US Naval Academy Midshipmen sat on the side of an Alaskan mountain overlooking a giant herd of caribou.  

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Topics: leadership, nols instructor, Alaska, military, service academy, US Naval Academy

Veteran Discovers His Niche in the Outdoors

By Alison Hudson on 2/29/12 8:56 AM

Photo by Rainbow Weinstock

Climbing saved Stacy Bare’s life. He was finding life after two tours with the U.S. Army to be a rough, drawn-out transition when a friend offered to take him out for a day on the wall. The experience was exactly what he needed, putting his life and the world around him into perspective and, ultimately, giving him a mission.

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Topics: service, veterans, Live the Dream, leadership, military