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Case Study: Hiking through a Thunderstorm

By Tod Schimelpfenig on Apr 11, 2018

Photo by Jessie Long

The Setting

You are hiking with a friend through the Uinta Mountains in Utah, heading toward an 11,600-foot pass. Dark gray clouds are building in the west, hinting at an approaching thunderstorm. You ignore them: your itinerary does not allow for delays. As you move quickly up and over the pass, you and your friend are exposed to gusty winds, deep low rumbles of thunder, and occasional spits of rain. You speed your pace. On the other side of the pass is a broad alpine meadow—there are two miles of grass and wildflowers between you and a low forested area.

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Topics: Lightning Safety, wilderness medicine, case study

Lightning Safety in the Backcountry

By Nate Robbins on Aug 27, 2012

Photo by Brad Christensen.

On Tuesday Aug. 21, NOLS Curriculum and Research Manager John Gookin gave a presentation about lightning safety in Lander at the Noble Hotel classroom. The presentation focused on the brochure developed by NOLS and the National Weather Service on lightning safety.

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Topics: Ground Current, NOLS, Lightning Safety, Lightning Positions, Lightning, Lightning Strike, Educators Notebook, backcountry, National Weather Service