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NOLS Icon: Nancy Pallister, Building Leaders with Grit in the Winds

By Molly Herber on Apr 3, 2015

NOLS is turning 50 this year! With that big birthday on our horizon, we’re taking a look back and celebrating some of the incredible individuals that made NOLS the organization it is today.

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Decision Making Lecture - Leadership Week Update

By NOLS on Feb 25, 2011

On the third day of Leadership Week, Tod Schimelpfenig gave to me, a Leadershot on decision-making!

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Lights On Interns - Leadership Week Update

By NOLS on Feb 25, 2011

Leadership week saw NOLS working with a program called Lights On in Lander, an afterschool program to promote academic excellence and positive youth development. On Tuesday, we talked about backcountry nutrition and on Thursday we taught the group how to best get ready for a day excursion into the Wind Rivers! But don’t fret, it wasn’t all talk- we played some games in the gym and then munched on some yummy trail mix from the rations room at NOLS Rocky Mountain. They were Happy Campers to say the least!

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Spring Semester & Leadership Week at Rocky Mountain

By Sophia Kim on Feb 24, 2011

Despite recent winter storms, the spring semester at NOLS Rocky Mountain is underway! Our Outdoor Educator Semester and Spring Semester in the Rockies courses are off to a rockin’ start. The RM is seeing a lot more action than it has in previous weeks. Our bays are filling up quickly with gear as students have been equipping themselves for their winter sections.

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Leadership Week - Day 2 Update

By NOLS on Feb 23, 2011

For day two of Leadership Week, NOLS played host to the University of Wyoming Outing Program. They began their day with us at NOLS Rocky Mountain to learn about rations and gear, and how to plan routes in Utah. Then they took part in an interactive Leadership Styles seminar, learned about Expedition Behavior, and received a grand tour of our International Headquarters building!

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Leadership Week Discussion on Problem Solving

By NOLS on Feb 22, 2011

To kick off Leadership Week here in Lander, we asked our number one (and only) guy in the Leadership Department, John Kanengieter, to lead an open discussion on group problem-solving. We discussed The Four Levels of Intervention, another way of looking at The Waterline Model.

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North to Alaska!

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on May 7, 2010

To set the mood for this blog, listen to one of my favorite songs, "North to Alaska" by Johnny Horton. I promise you those will be three worthwhile minutes.

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Leadership Week - Day 5

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on Feb 25, 2010

Lots to report as Leadership Week draws to a close.

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Leadership Week - Day 2

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on Feb 22, 2010

Here's an update and recap on Leadership Week as of Day 2


This past Saturday, a group of twenty-ish NOLS grads, friends, and family met near
Ketchum for an afternoon of Nordic skiing, NOLS winter seminars, and
shared eats. The credit for this event goes to former NOLS instructor
Taylor Walker who was the driving force behind this alumni ski

NOLS grads around the country are continually
gathering to network, socialize, volunteer, or create outdoor
adventures, so sign up
for one of our regional alumni email lists to be included in the action.


Am I a spontaneous motivator, a relationship master, an analyst
architect, or a driver? What do these words even mean? John
Kanengeiter helped me find out at Monday's Leadershot - the first of a
series of meetings this week at NOLS HQ where we discuss various
leadership topics. About 20 of us learned about the NOLS Leadership
(now I know what 4-7-1
means) and personal leadership styles.


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