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Research at NOLS: How NOLS Courses Help Prepare for Extended Expeditions in Space

By Shannon Rochelle on May 23, 2019


How can NOLS courses help us plan for long duration space flight? You may know that NOLS works with astronauts and other NASA staff, taking them into the backcountry for experiential lessons in expedition behavior, teamwork, and leadership.

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Improve Your Appetite for Uncertainty

By Molly Herber on May 15, 2017

“Happy campers aren’t the ones with the fewest problems…They just have more positive attitudes and better coping strategies.”

NOLS Leadership Educator Notebook, 5th ed.

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Turn On and Tune In Tomorrow Morning. . .

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on Apr 18, 2011

. . . Tuesday, April 19, for a segment featuring NOLS and starring our very own Admissions and Marketing Director Bruce Palmer on Lifetime Television's The Balancing Act, airing 7 to 8 am EST and 6 to 7 am PST.

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