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5 Things to Check in Your First Aid Kit

By Tod Schimelpfenig on Jun 27, 2017

Be honest—when was the last time you looked inside your first aid kit? Was it just last week, or was it long enough ago that you couldn’t confirm whether a family of packrats had made a home in it or not?

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First Aid Kit Advice for River Travel

By Nate Ostis on Oct 11, 2016

First, we have to remind ourselves there is no perfect first aid kit. We need to preplan and consider the environment, the terrain, the climate, the skill set of companions, the number of days, number of people, and remoteness of our expedition.

Then, we can get down to figuring out what we actually need to bring.

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27 Considerations for a Wilderness First Aid Kit

By Sarah Buer on Jun 3, 2016

There’s no such thing as the perfect first aid kit, so you should consider your needs, including the length of your trip, the size of your group, and where you will be traveling, and then build a kit that meets them.

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