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Black Wolf Expedition: First Descent Packrafting in the Canadian North

By Chad Lorenz on 11/13/17 10:45 AM

“I am going to say it's not really possible to connect the Broken Skull with other rivers in the area, the mountains are just too impassible…Black Wolf Creek is unknown. Drops at a significant gradient from Grizzly…and passes through some very narrow canyons which would probably be huge whitewater. Not really recommended to go there...It is not possible to connect Broken Skull or Black Wolf (to) Thundercloud Creek without helicopter support.” -Local river guide

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Topics: Behind the Scenes, Canada, packrafting, Instructor expedition

The Waddington Extravaganza

By Eliza Scally on 8/9/11 12:35 PM

Each summer the PNW sends out three mountaineering courses to the Waddington Range in British Columbia, Canada. The following video depicts the logistical side of a Waddington Course - all from the perspective of a humble intern. It shows the re-supply of WAD 2, the exit of WAD 1 from the field and the entrance of WAD 3 into the field The pictures and video are from the 2011 summer courses. (all images and music are credited at the end of the video)

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Topics: Expedition Prep, Canada, mountaineering, Waddington