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Putting Leadership into Practice: AmeriCorps and NOLS

By Travis Davis on Jun 22, 2016

Travis reflects on his experiences serving with AmeriCorps and his NOLS courses, thinking about how their intersection has helped him grow and develop as a leader.

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Topics: Alumni, Leadership Skills, whitewater, AmeriCorps, education

Future Outdoor Leaders Grow Using AmeriCorps Awards

By Molly Herber on Dec 11, 2015


An outdoor class during the WFR course. Photo courtesy of Opal Creek.

A dedicated crew of young adult AmeriCorps volunteers serving with Heart of Oregon Corps in Bend, Oregon spent the last six months building trails, restoring habitat, and reducing fire fuels on public land in central Oregon. Along the way, they developed valuable leadership and practical skills to help them pursue careers in conservation and stewardship. Many of the youth sought opportunities to broaden their skill set as their terms of service drew to a close.

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Topics: Alumni, Leadership Skills, AmeriCorps, WMI, education, Wilderness Medicine

Why I Used My AmeriCorps Award for NOLS

By Becky Mares on May 3, 2015

We tracked down NOLS and AmeriCorps grad Becky Mares to ask a few questions about how her experiences combined to help her become the successful leader she is today.

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Topics: Alumni, Leadership Skills, AmeriCorps, NOLS Alaska, Backpacking, backcountry