What is risk management oversight?

By Brian Fabel

Nov 24, 2009

Missy White and a puppy Following the Risk Management Training in Minneapolis, MN (a pre-conference workshop to the AORE conference), I had the chance to ask Risk Management Training instructor Missy White how she defined and explained the term risk management oversight. Here is what she said:

"Risk management oversight means consideration of risks from both a systematic and systemic point of view.

Systematic means a crisply linear, cause and effect analysis, which of course is vital. That’s how we recognize that shoulder injury data compiled on river courses reveals the need for better technique instruction on bracing.

A systemic viewpoint recognizes that most aspects of an organization are inherently related, and that no decision can be made in a vacuum. For instance, a decision to spend money for communication devices affects scholarship money for diversity. Holding to a systemic point of view requires clarity of mission as well as rigorous evaluation of all decisions against the whole landscape of an organization."

Missy White is a senior NOLS instructor, having worked 230+ weeks in the field since 1987. With a Masters in Organizational Development, White has worked numerous Instructor Courses and is an avid practitioner of risk management and leadership development for individuals and organizations.

Written By

Brian Fabel

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