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Wolf Johnson

Wolf Johnson
Wolf, 17, lives in Lander, WY, where he is currently a junior in high school. Wolf's passions are writing and performing music, poetry, storytelling, acting, traveling, photography and movies. He loves being outdoors, and spends a lot of his time with family and friends, hiking, backpacking, running and skiing.

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Learning the Meaning of Teamwork in the Wilderness

By Wolf Johnson on Jan 22, 2018
Photo courtesy of Wolf Johnson

I crested the top of the small mountain, ahead of the rest, for a brief moment of celebration on the top, all by myself. The view took my breath away, literally, but also emotionally. I could feel a tenderness and had a few tears in my eyes.

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Topics: Leadership Skills, Wind River Wilderness, Wyoming, Backpacking, teamwork, Stories, Student Stories, Leadership