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Will Harrison

Will Harrison is a film student at Florida State University, and a graduate of Wind River Mountaineering and Wilderness First Aid courses. He enjoys landscape photography, backpacking, mountaineering, and running! Follow Will on Instagram at @will_harrison

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3 Ideas to Feed Your Inner Wild

By Will Harrison on Mar 13, 2017
Our Wind River Mountaineering crew on Goat Flat. Photo by Will Harrison.

As NOLS alumni and outdoor enthusiasts know, it’s a strange process returning to the frontcountry. From trying to suppress thoughts that not everywhere is a restroom, to resisting the urge to lock your phone away forever, there’s a little bit of wilderness that gets tangled with our inner selves and is constantly looking for a way out.

If you’re like me and living in a bigger city, going to school, or just looking to find a trail to feel back in the woods again, here are some tips you can use to survive in the city.

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3 Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Photography Game

By Will Harrison on Aug 12, 2016

Taking photos in the wilderness is a great way to capture memories you will hold for a lifetime. There’s nothing better than coming home with a camera full of your favorite moments—laughing around the campsite with friends, the delicious pizza you managed to perfect (albeit the third attempt), and the breathtaking vistas of the alpenglow on Bastion Peak in the Wind River Range.

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