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Tricia Ballard

Tricia Ballard
Tricia Ballard will be attending Bates College after a few remaining months in her gap year. When not reminiscing over NOLS, she enjoys baking pies, amateur biking, watercoloring, drinking hot chocolate, and fitting in outdoor micro-adventures into everyday life.

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Discovering My—Slightly Strange—New Normal on a NOLS Gap Year

By Tricia Ballard on 3/7/19 1:01 PM


Photo by Kevin Castellanos

I’m normally apprehensive about opening up to people—so I was nervous when I showed up to a random bus stop three plane rides away from home for the start of my Semester in New Zealand. That day, I met nine strangers who would supposedly become my new best friends during the following 77 days in the mountains of New Zealand.

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