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Shelli Johnson

Shelli Johnson
Shelli Johnson is an entrepreneur, life and leadership coach, leadership development facilitator, keynote presenter, writer, personal trainer and adventure guide. She is also a NOLS graduate and a certified Wilderness First Responder. Her current business, which she views more as a movement than a business, is Epic Life, at She coaches leaders from throughout the U.S., and offers programs that bundle coaching with wellness and a guided Epic Adventure. Shelli lives in Lander, Wyoming, with her husband, Jerry, and their three sons, Wolf, 17, Hayden, 15 and Fin, 9. Email Shelli at coach[at] to learn more.
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Q&A with a NOLS Parent

By Shelli Johnson on 11/17/17 1:08 PM

Editor’s note: Shelli Johnson, a NOLS grad, writes about what it was like for her son Wolf to go on his own 30-day NOLS course in the summer of 2016.

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Rescue at Goblin Valley State Park

By Shelli Johnson on 5/10/17 6:21 AM

Editor’s note: Shelli Johnson and her family were on vacation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park when they found themselves first responders on the scene after a girl took a serious fall from a cliff (story here).

Here, Shelli writes about what it was like for her, her husband, and their three sons to be the first responders (Shelli took NOLS Brooks Range Backpacking - Prime and Wilderness First Responder courses).

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How the Wilderness Lets Us Be Our Best Selves [Q&A]

By Shelli Johnson on 3/4/16 10:42 AM

In this post, life coach, Brooks Range Backpacking - Prime graduate, and future NOLS parent Shelli Johnson talks about how the wilderness creates opportunities to develop resilience for everyday leaders. You can read her other post on the NOLS Blog, A Leader and Parent Reflects on Her Brooks Range Course.

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A Leader and Parent Reflects on Her Brooks Range Course

By Shelli Johnson on 2/19/16 8:11 AM

 NOLS graduate, parent, and life coach Shelli Johnson talks with us about growth and lessons learned from her Brooks Range Backpacking - Prime course. 

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Topics: Alumni, NOLS Alaska, Live the Dream, education, leadership