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Natalie Beittel

Natalie Beittel
Natalie Beittel took a Semester in New Zealand in 2010, then graduated from the University of Massachusetts. She is currently writing a history of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s White Mountain Trail Crew through a collection of stories and is on a road trip to hike the National Parks of the American South and West.

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I Belong in the Woods: Spring Semester in New Zealand

By Natalie Beittel on Aug 19, 2015

I spent the summer before my junior year of college working for a trail crew. That summer was the most wonderful, the most physically, and the most mentally challenging three months of my life.

We hiked 20 miles a day cutting out fallen trees. We carried loaded pack boards up mountains to work sites where we quarried rock to build staircases on the trail. The constant challenge was exhausting but liberating.

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