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Liz Hardwick

Liz Hardwick
Liz is a longtime NOLS instructor who works on rivers and in the mountains. These days she spends more time at home, with her partner and her dog Goose, who is quite famous in NOLS circles.

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Thriving as Women Boaters on the Main Salmon River

By Liz Hardwick on May 24, 2016

NOLS instructor Liz Hardwick writes about learning new tricks on a familiar river.

Jen pokes me awake as I am drifting off, trying to sleep before the moon gets up above the canyon walls. “Do you think I can run Vinegar in a solo boat?” she asks.

We’re camped on the Main Salmon River, all white sandy beaches, steep dry mountains and fun, fun rapids. This is the night before we get off the river and Vinegar is downstream of us, the last big rapid and one of the most challenging ones on the river.

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