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Kimberly Blazzard

Kimberly Blazzard
Kimberly is a geologist/geospatial analyst. She loves hiking, backpacking, trail running, photography, planning future trips, and cuddling with her cats. She hopes to achieve the triple crown of hiking, but it's a work in progress.

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Stepping into Action: First Aid on the Appalachian Trail

By Kimberly Blazzard on Feb 27, 2020
Kimberly stops to examine her map on the Appalachian Trail. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Blazzard.

The young man lay there, shivering. The aluminum blanket his trip leader haphazardly tossed on him wasn’t helping him warm up from the rain storm. Why wasn’t his group paying attention to their friend? Why did his leader let him lie so far from the fire?

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