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Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson
Kevin is a diaspora Floridian who likes climbing rocks, running, reading, and connecting with nature.

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NOLS in Solidarity with the Bomberos of Honduras

By Kevin Wilson on 4/13/16 8:34 AM

NOLS instructors partner with Honduran firefighters to expand medical training in areas with limited resources.

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Why I Used the GI Bill for NOLS

By Kevin Wilson on 11/11/15 7:05 AM

The Outdoor Educator group in the Wind River Range. Photo by Cooper Davis.

NOLSies pay for their courses in all sorts of ways, from savings to scholarships to working a summer job through high school to take the trip of a lifetime when they graduate. Some students even use their veterans benefits to fund their course.

We spoke with Navy veteran and graduate from a Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator course and a Wilderness EMT course, Kevin Wilson, to learn about how and why he used his veterans benefits for NOLS and what he learned from his NOLS experiences.

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