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Jared Steinman

Jared Steinman
A self-taught, freelance photographer and NOLS instructor who calls Lander, Wyoming home base, Jared finds inspiration taking photographs of people interacting with their natural surroundings, which most commonly involves moving over rock, dirt, snow or water. Originally from Kentucky, Jared was introduced to natural beauty at an early age, exploring nearby forests with his father, who would constantly point out various species of trees. With dreams of exploring bigger country and mountainous regions, Jared moved to Wyoming after college to be closer to wild places. He hasn't looked back...only forward, and quite often through the viewfinder of a camera.

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Lynn Hill on Mitigating Risk with Wilderness Medicine

By Jared Steinman on 2/8/18 7:51 AM

“To my knowledge, none of the climbers I was with were formally trained in the way of wilderness medicine and with only a medical kit and no radio communication, I felt very out there. I knew that if anything went wrong or if someone needed help, we couldn’t do much of anything.”

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Topics: Behind the Scenes, Wilderness First Responder, wilderness medicine