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Jake Blackwelder

Jake Blackwelder
Jake Blackwelder has been teaching for NOLS Wilderness Medicine since 2010. He is a full-time Flight Paramedic and volunteers for EMS and Search and Rescue in Moab, Utah. He spends the rest of his time helping his wife raise two great kids and adventuring in the majestic Moab landscape.

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Real-Life Scenario: Stuck on a Climbing Route

By Jake Blackwelder on 11/26/18 8:02 AM

The rescue team. Photo courtesy of Jake Blackwelder.

The 911 call: A climber was stuck in a crack on a classic multi-pitch trad route at well-known sandstone climbing area near Moab, Utah. The incident happened near the top of a large chimney, a crack wide enough to fit a climber’s entire body into. The climber was about 100 feet from the ground and 40 feet below the pitch anchor, the next opportunity to attach securely to the wall.

My wilderness rescue team, consisting of myself, another Wilderness EMT, and three Rope Rescue Technicians, were the ones to receive the call and respond to the incident.

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Topics: wilderness medicine, scenario, first aid, rock climbing, rock rescue

Case Study: BASE Jumping Accident

By Jake Blackwelder on 10/24/17 9:13 AM

Editor’s note: This case study is based on a real-life incident responded to by NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor Jake Blackwelder.

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Topics: NOLS Wilderness Medicine, Wilderness First Aid, case study, wilderness medicine