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Erica Levine Weber

Erica Levine Weber
Erica Levine Weber is a traveller, blogger, expat, and NOLS alum. Before her baby's first birthday, she and her family explored 30 countries across 4 continents, leaving only a trail of dirty diapers and duty-free catalogs behind. You can follow her blog The Worldwide Webers, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as she shows parents that their dreams of seeing the world don't have to stop with the addition of cute carry-ons!

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3 Months in the Rockies to 30 Countries in a Year: How a NOLS Alum Went Worldwide

By Erica Levine Weber on Aug 18, 2016

My choice of going on a NOLS Semester in the Rockies was as absurd as traveling to 30 countries with a baby before their first birthday. Apparently, I have a flare for the ridiculous!

I had never been canyoneering, kayaking, rock climbing, ridden a horse, or even camped before. Now, add to that dumbfounded look you're starting to picture, a 17-year-old girl who was still mastering a command of her limbs (think a few clicks past klutzy), and not exactly an Olympic athlete. I'm pretty sure my parents cried when they dropped me off at the airport, not because they'd miss me, but because they weren't totally confident I'd survive.

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