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Colleen Kelley

Colleen Kelley
Colleen Kelley is the Marketing Coordinator for NOLS Wilderness Medicine. She graduated from Kenyon College in 2018 with degrees in film and English. When she's not writing/making or analyzing (aka binge watching) films, you can find her running (literally) around Lander or trying to find someone to pump her gas (because she is from New Jersey and that's not legal there).

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What I Wish I Knew Before I Was a Camp Counselor

By Colleen Kelley on Mar 23, 2020
Photo by Will Wamaru

Throwback to the sweet hot summer of 2015: The USA Women’s team won the World Cup, Taylor Swift’s 1989 was topping the charts (I sang every lyric to every song), and I was an energetic, sunburnt, 19-year-old working at a camp in West Virginia.

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Getting Down to the Basics: Wilderness First Aid Quiz

By Colleen Kelley on Mar 12, 2020
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Will My Heart Go On: Cardiovascular Wilderness Medicine

By Colleen Kelley on Feb 10, 2020
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Casting into Spring: Wilderness Medicine for Fly-Fishing

By Colleen Kelley on Jan 30, 2020
Photo courtesy of Oscar Manguy

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’ve probably noticed the sun setting a little bit later each day. As an avid fly-fisherman you might already be tying flies for the upcoming season. Even if you’ve never fly-fished before, NOLS Wilderness Medicine has advice for both beginners and experts so you can be prepared for the hobby’s common risks that are especially relevant in the early season. 

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Wilderness Medicine and the Zombie Apocalypse

By Colleen Kelley on Oct 31, 2019
Illustration by Kayla Lopez

To get into the Halloween spirit, NOLS is exploring how wilderness medicine skills apply in an apocalyptic setting. You may be surprised to learn that you're prepared to survive the walking dead (and also to remove impaled objects when it’s not the end of the world)! Have a spooky, happy Halloween!

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Continuing Your Wilderness Medicine Education at the WRMC

By Colleen Kelley on Sep 26, 2019
Photo by Tod Schimelpfenig

Wilderness medicine courses do an excellent job of preparing outdoor leaders to respond to the unexpected but there are some important limitations. Remember all of those scenarios? They tested your assessment skills and helped you hone your treatments while letting you practice evacuation decision-making in a low stakes environment.

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