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Casey Pikla

Casey Pikla
Casey is a NOLS instructor and worked for a while as the sales manager for NOLS Custom Education.

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Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management in NOLS Patagonia

By Casey Pikla on Feb 3, 2015

Jerry Rizzo, Director of Leadership Programs at Cornell's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, reflected on the adversity, learning, and new-found confidence his students encountered on the school's recent NOLS expedition. Ranked among the nation's top business schools, Johnson has gone to Patagonia with NOLS since 2013. Read Jerry's full post here.

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Topics: Behind the Scenes, NOLS Professional Training

Astronaut Reid Wiseman on Expedition Behavior

By Casey Pikla on Nov 4, 2014

Astronaut and U.S. Navy Commander Reid Wiseman wrote the following missive about expeditionary behavior from low Earth orbit to be read to the astronaut class of 2013 on their NOLS course. A highlight of that course was connecting with CDR Wiseman on the International Space Station via satellite phone from deep in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

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Topics: NASA, Educators Notebook, expedition behavior, Astronauts, NOLS Professional Training, leadership

NOLS Instructor Talks Leave No Trace Practices and Perspectives

By Casey Pikla on Jul 11, 2014

In a recent interview on Alaska Public Media's Outdoor Explorer program, NOLS Instructor Tre-C Dumais speaks about the ethics and practices of Leave No Trace (LNT). In addition to practical tips, listen in for a rich discussion about wild places and their role in our lives, wilderness ethics on a NOLS course, and the way we can all preserve the value wilderness for future generations. Enjoy!

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Are You Ready to Lead in the Outdoors?

By Casey Pikla on May 9, 2014

By Leif Andreassen, Bruce Kaufman, Dorothy Voorhees, Eva Tsang, Anderson Baptista, Jared Barnett, and Reid Tileston

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Topics: Southwest, Expedition Prep, NOLS Pro, NOLS Professional Training

Leadership in the Wilderness: The First Darden/NOLS Course

By Casey Pikla on Feb 24, 2014

By Alex Fife

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Topics: Expedition Prep, NOLS Professional Training

New Robertson Scholars Leadership Expedition Video

By Casey Pikla on Jan 17, 2014

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program invests in young leaders who strive to make transformational contributions to society. Students attend Duke University or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since 2008, NOLS Professional Training and The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program have run a 10 day canyon backpacking expedition for select scholars. Students are exposed to the theory and practice of leadership in one of the most beautiful classrooms in the world.

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Topics: Expedition Prep, NOLS Professional Training