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Hello from the Backcountry!

By NOLS on 7/7/11 3:36 AM

When it comes to hearing about how courses are going, no news is good news... but good news is great! Kumari Ratnayake, a student on a Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator course sent this letter out from a food re-ration to us here at NOLS HQ.

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2010 Dream Expedition Winners Announced

By NOLS on 11/17/10 8:49 AM

The rules were simple. We asked people to make a video answering the following two questions. What is your dream expedition, and how will you prepare for it? We received over 60 videos, all with very inspiring dream expeditions, by the time the contest ended.

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NOLS Street Team Needed To Put Posters Up At Your School

By William Roth on 9/9/10 9:06 AM

Calling all people that breathe air and spend their days eating delicious cafeteria food. WE NEED YOU.. to help us put up a few video contest posters around your school, A/V club, gear shop, that coffee shop you spend all your money in, etc.

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