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Meeting the Real Horses of NOLS Rocky Mountain: Wilderness Horsepacking

By Austin Hardin on Feb 9, 2016


From Cooper's perspective. Photo by Austin Hardin.

There were several reasons I picked a horsepacking course with NOLS. I had first considered backpacking, but after thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail several years ago with a pack weight of 35 pounds or less, I knew I wasn’t up for the rigors of carrying 40% or more of my body weight on a traditional backpacking course. I also had an AmeriCorps award that would cover part of the course tuition that I needed to use before it expired. I’d never been to Wyoming, and I always enjoy exploring new places, but the biggest draw was the opportunity to experience the backcountry with horses.

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Educator Expedition: Horsepacking through the Gros Ventre and Wind River Mountains of Wyoming

By NOLS Blog on Dec 14, 2015

By Kelsey Wicks, NOLS backpacking and horsepacking instructor

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Have you been Bailey'd Out?

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on Apr 21, 2010

Mike Bailey Enjoying a Frybake Special at the Leadership Week Wisperlite cook-off

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