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'Do What You Like. Like What You Do.'

By Mike Betz on Feb 26, 2015
Fishing in Australia. Photo Jackson Sinclair
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'An amazing experience'

By Casey Adams on Sep 3, 2013

By Nicholas Nerli, age 14

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NOLS at the International Climbers' Festival

By Mike Casella on Jul 17, 2013

Lander, Wyo. — This past weekend
the International Climbers’ Festival took place in beautiful City Park in
Lander Wyo. In its 20th year, the festival is the longest-running
climbing festival in the world.

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NOLS RM Volunteer Day at Pushroot Community Garden

By Matt Leslie on Jul 3, 2012

Last Friday the NOLS Rocky Mountain and Three Peaks Ranch interns held a volunteer work day at the Pushroot Community Garden in Lander. Despite the Fontenelle fire draping Lander in heavy smoke the past few evenings, the sky cleared for a successful event! Community members, NOLS employees, and even a family who had just rolled into town from Philadelphia tackled some of Pushroot’s biggest tasks on their to-do list. Volunteers were able to completely deer-proof the lot’s perimeter fence, put together a composter, wood-chip the base of trees, as well as finish other general maintenance tasks. Pushroot, located on 715 Amoretti, is a community run garden which rents plots to locals and provides food for community organizations such as Lights On and the food bank. For a garden that is so community-oriented, it was nice to give back. For more information about Pushroot, please visit:

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A-ray of sunlight powers NOLS RM

By Casey Adams on Jun 5, 2012

In true summer fashion, NOLS Rocky Mountain is soaking up the sun for all it’s worth, which is, in fact, about 70 percent of the facility’s power usage.

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Notes from the Field: Phil Henderson on Everest approach

By Casey Adams on Mar 30, 2012

NOLS senior field instructor and Rocky Mountain River Base Manager Phil Henderson is making his way through Nepal this week en route to climbing Mount Everest. He is working with a team of North Face athletes and researchers, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first American ascent to the peak. Learn more about the expedition by on the National Geographic or the North Face blogs. The following is his first note from the field:

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Heartbeats and High Fives!

By Kate Herden on Jul 7, 2011

While the rest of Lander is in a zombie-like trance, picking up stray firework casings from their lawns, having forgotten about the red, white and blue face paint they so proudly sported on the 4th, one group of weathered students emerges from the snow-capped Absarokas. Windswept and disheveled, the twelve students on our Rocky Mountain Semester course were welcomed back by the high spirited folks at the Rocky Mountain Branch and their researcher Cara Ocobock.

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First Project- Capture Instructor Teams

By Katharine Maxwell on Jun 1, 2011

For the past week I have been saying the same phrase over and over again: “Hi, my name is Kate, I am one of the new RM interns.” Over at the Rocky Mountain Branch, Wei-Ming, Spencer, and I started our summer internships last week, and are working on immersing ourselves in the NOLS Rocky Mountain world of the Gulch, Issue Room, and a whole variety of projects.

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Lights On Interns - Leadership Week Update

By NOLS on Feb 25, 2011

Leadership week saw NOLS working with a program called Lights On in Lander, an afterschool program to promote academic excellence and positive youth development. On Tuesday, we talked about backcountry nutrition and on Thursday we taught the group how to best get ready for a day excursion into the Wind Rivers! But don’t fret, it wasn’t all talk- we played some games in the gym and then munched on some yummy trail mix from the rations room at NOLS Rocky Mountain. They were Happy Campers to say the least!

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Spring Semester & Leadership Week at Rocky Mountain

By Sophia Kim on Feb 24, 2011

Despite recent winter storms, the spring semester at NOLS Rocky Mountain is underway! Our Outdoor Educator Semester and Spring Semester in the Rockies courses are off to a rockin’ start. The RM is seeing a lot more action than it has in previous weeks. Our bays are filling up quickly with gear as students have been equipping themselves for their winter sections.

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Lander Nature Trail Work Success!

By Hope Wilson on Nov 8, 2010

Holding a trail restoration day in November in Wyoming doesn't seem like the brightest idea. Last year in Lander, snow had already been around for a month. So Aaron and I crossed our fingers when we scheduled a service project for last Saturday.

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Rocky Mountain Adopts New Office Environment

By Hope Wilson on Oct 18, 2010

We mixed things up a bit this morning at NOLS Rocky Mountain. We felt communication flow would be better if we worked in the same general space. Or, more precisely, the exact same space.

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"Hi. My Name Is..."

By Hope Wilson on Sep 2, 2010

Lots of introductions have been happening at NOLS Rocky Mountain. My fellow intern, Aaron, and I have just started.

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Post-Course Interviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Snowy

By Adrienne Spiegel on Jul 2, 2010
We're back with the second installment of student interviews. Friday morning we grabbed two students while they de-issued gear and asked them about their Wind River Wilderness courses. Still unshowered but in good spirits, Ali Patillo from Atlanta and Anna Waldeck from Pittsburugh shared some of their course highlights. We spoke to Ali first. What was a high point of your course? The first sunny day after a week of snow. And eating fresh oranges after our first re-reation.

What about a low point? On the 5th day of our course we were in a field of snow after 8 hours of hiking and couldn't find a place to camp...but we made it.

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Outdoor Educator Students and BLM Team Up for Monitoring Project

By NOLS Scandinavia on May 7, 2010
On April 29, the NOLS Rocky Mountain (RM) Outdoor Educator Semester
(OES) took a break from their climbing camp to spend the day with the Bureau of
Land Management’s (BLM) Lander Field Office
. A windy day provided a great opportunity for OES students
and instructors to stay on the ground and help the BLM monitor Wilderness Study
Areas (WSAs) in the Granite Mountains, east of Jeffrey City, Wyoming.

Photo: NOLS Field Instructor Christian Gauderer assists students Varley Hopkinson, Maegan Fitzgerald and Zach Parelman as they monitor wilderness characteristics in the Split Rock Wilderness Study Area.

The morning began with a safety and orientation talk, after which
BLM Recreation Technician and NOLS instructor, Brandon Thielke discussed
various wilderness characteristics and values the group would be documenting,
including evidence of development, naturalness, viewsheds, and opportunities
for solitude. Armed with worksheets, maps and GPS units, the students
and instructors hiked into the Split Rock and Miller Springs WSAs. By
day's end, the group had monitored approximately 15 miles within and near
the boundaries of the WSAs and logged a combined total of 84 hours of
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