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Do NOLS Even (and Especially) If You’re Scared

By Olivia Hewitt on Dec 10, 2018
Me feeling excited and nervous right before I shared some passages from my journal with the group. Taken at Martin's Park campsite, one of the most beautiful spots we came to. Photo courtesy of Olivia Hewitt.

About four months ago I sat in one of my college’s campus cafés and procrastinated away my final few minutes before class. I was in the middle of a season of complete chaos, and was trying to find something that would re-energize and center me. I was scrolling through a bunch of NOLS blog posts when suddenly a strange thing happened:

As I read about tents being blown over at 3 a.m. by torrential rain, days of brutal heat and scarce food and blistering heels, I started to cry tears of joy.

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6 Lessons I Did Not Expect to Learn from NOLS

By Travis Burhart on Aug 30, 2017

Finally, I could breathe a sigh of relief. After hiking all morning, my NOLS expedition team and I finished ascending a peak in the McCall Gulch Cirque of the North Cascades Wilderness. I looked to the north, catching sight of Canada only miles away. Turning around, I observed the mountains to the south. Dense, snow-covered forests filled in the landscape, and I could not believe my team and I had traveled through that.

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Scholarships, Scholarships, and more Scholarships

By Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin on May 14, 2010

Photo by Lindsay Nohl.

Don't let the price tag for a NOLS course stop you from applying. You can apply for scholarships through NOLS and elsewhere (check with your university or college).

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